A handful of Firefox tweaks that will double your browser speed

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  • ralph

    thank u so much!!!!!!!

  • Duke

    Why is this $h!t on stumbleupon if its 4 yrs old. These things r not relevant anymore

  • latagore

    This is an awful guide. Instead of speeding up firefox, it actually reduces speed by limiting memory available. That would mean that pages have to be reloaded. I’m beginning to think this guide is to troll people. By disabling ipv6, it may be the case in a few years that you may not be able to open webpages at all. content.notify.backoffcount only applies if content.notify.ontimer is set to true. plugin.expose_full_path to true doesn’t improve speed and can cause security problems. Are you trolling or what?

    • http://www.dagorret.net/ dagorret

      The guide works well.
      Notice the date of publication and true it was written long ago.
      New versions of Firefox do not need these settings.

      You’re right, now recommended not disable IPv6. I now use this new version of the protocol and would not work if you turn off.

      The guide raised was tested with Firefox 3.5.
      And this thought about the optimal use of memory and network speed.
      I now believe that the most important thing is to set the IP protocol, to improve the browser.
      But, in most cases the speeds are enough to lose no time, a second or so is not worth 1 week to investigate how to improve as well use linux (which I think is very fast).

  • naresh

    great tips

  • Immanuel

    Im trying to beat this game on facebook called cubefield and i found out that you could tweak firefox to make the game slower so you could go through the levels easier. Do you know of anyway I can accomplish that?

    • http://www.dagorret.net/ dagorret

      The game suggests, is not part of Facebook.
      Facebook is staying at the home page Fans: http://ow.ly/1qybk

      The game is at: http://ow.ly/1qybN is programmed in Flash.
      Flash is a plug in any browser. Firefox or IE, for example.

      Anyway I have been testing on my notebook with 256MB of RAM and Windows 98, Pentium II and it works great.

      I recommend you check all programs you have open when they’re playing.

      Sorry I can not help you more, but the issue has to do with Flash or not using the browser.

  • saltwn


  • Muhammed

    to make firefox much faster than chrome type about:config in the address bar.When about:config opens there will be a long list of entries with a filter on top.Type content.interrupt.parsing in the filter bar double click the entry or select it and press enter.When the entry becomes from true to false then type content.notify interval in the filter and change it to any number between 10000 and 50000 after that type content.max.tokenizing.time in the filter and change the amount to three times the amount of content.notify.interval lastly change content.switch.threshold to a number between ten and fifty thousand lastly right click on any entry select new integer and create content.notify.backoffcount and set the integer to -1