The 5 Best Ebook Creation Tools for Gnu Linux

E-books are fast becoming the most popular publication medium for books. More people than ever are buying their books in digital form, and electronic books open an invaluable opportunity for self-published publishers and authors alike. Ebooks are even a popular tool for inbound marketing and lead generation. If you want to create your own eBook on Linux, you have some excellent options, and they are all free and open source.

How to Install Brackets in Debian Ubuntu and Derivatives

Brackets is a code editor that we can get for our GNU/Linux distribution for free. Brackets is created by the company Adobe although it is Free Software. Brackets is not an editor of code to use since it only allows to edit files related to web development, although files of programming languages like C or Java can also be created with this editor, but will not enjoy the same features as when we create files php or javascript.

Building a Docker to Run Python R

The Challenge I wanted to containerise a pipeline of code that was predominantly developed in Python but has a dependency on a model that was trained in R. I succeeded in doing so by using a base Ubuntu image with an installation of the r-base package and python3.6 - and much troubleshooting on the web! So I’m blogging this to share my learnings because the help forums online seem to still be in their infancy, hoping it helps others in their DevOps efforts.

Manjaro Plans to Get Rid of Pacman

The pacman package manager is one of the reasons why many of us fell in love with Arch Linux and its derivatives. Simple and fast, both when installing official packages (in the community lately helpers type Yay or trizen triumph) and to update the system. Its pragmatism in the command line makes it one of the strong points of the distro. Perhaps that is why it is surprising the decision of Manjaro, -of all the daughters of Arch Linux, the one that least resembles it, since it has its own repositories and stops between updates-, to do without the medium term and replace it completely by pamac.

Important Small Things Linux

This is a post for sharing things I like in linux. This can be any feature, usage tip, configuration or piece of software I enjoy. Goal of the post is to share ideas and help others enjoy things you enjoy as well. I like: Zsh It can easily be configured to be as friendly as fish with manjaro-zsh-config or zim. Awesome tab completion, autosuggestion, history substring search, syntax highlighting, autocd… And it’s syntax is compatible with bash, so even complex one liners you might find online work.