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The challenge of leaving the populism

When Peronism’s government, aims to own the word and the wishes of the entire country. It tends to regard the opposition as “illegitimate” while representing interests alien to the nation. From Juan Peron, to...

Mauricio Macri at a press conference in the Usina del Arte.

The 10 definitions of Macri on his next government

After the ballot the president-elects change spoke about the first steps to take after the inauguration on December 10. In his first press conference held yesterday after the victory in the runoff, Mauricio Macri...

Argentina resisting, shame we do not have Manager

Argentina pays restructured debt maturity

At the time more than one billion dollars are paid through the Bank of New York to settle the share of restructured bonds maturing in 2005, avoiding falling into the dreaded “technical default”. Paid...