Download & Install Angry Birds Space Game on Android or iPhone

Angry Birds Space Game
Angry Birds is probably biggest game nowadays, with support for all platforms, ranging from Android powered Smartphones and Tablets, iOS based iPhone and iPad, as well as standard Windows PC or a Mac. No matter, which device user use to play the game, huge audience loves playing with Angry Birds Space Game. As name is saying, Birds will be on Space this time, not only on earth like earlier, so it would be a different experience for the players.
If you are aware about how much awesome Angry Birds Game is, then we feel this edition would be best ever, as far as we tested the game today. The New Angry Birds Spaces has a great story, to get them locked in a battle. Nothing different, Angry birds saves their eggs, from being stealing by green pigs. When Green Pigs tries to attack the eggs of the birds, they strike on to attack them. This is the subject which is game based on, but with lot of levels, it is looking unspoken experience to me. Recommending you to try the game yourself.
Here are the highlights of Angry Birds Spaces Game
  • 60 Levels: There are 60 gravity-defying levels in total in new Angry Birds, in which 30 are from Pig Bang, and 30 from Cold Cuts. Yes, both provides different experience, but i have not reached to Colt Cuts level yet, i will try later for sure.
  • Golden Eggsterioids Episode: The Space Edition game comes with this locked episode, which is equiavalent to the Golden Eggs, which would provide bonus levels in the game.
  • 30 Brain-teaser (Danger Zone): As name suggests, this is hard to play. This level is only available for Worth $0.99 episode of iOS. I guess it is available for Android edition as well.
  • Enhanced Game Center for iOS, New designed animated birds help menus, Space Eagle.

Download Angry Birds Space Game Editions for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

  1. iOS: Appple iOS based devices, iPad, iPhone and others got chance to enjoy two flavors of Angry Birds Spaces. There is a HD Version (Worth $2.99) and a SD version which costs $0.99. You have to purchase before download, Buy iPad HD Version | Buy SD Version for iPhone/iPod Touch for 99¢
  2. Android: Android Phones and Tablets got the editions of ad-supported and ads-free. At Amazon Marketplace, there is a $2.99 HD version is also available, exclusively for Kindle Fire, and can be downloaded from Amazon Marketplace. Other users can download from Google Play/ Android Market, which is a ad-supported version and compatible from Android OS 1.6. Download: Google Play (Ads Free Version) | Amazon Appstore ($0.99) | Samsung Apps (Free)
  3. PC: The Microsoft Windows version will cost you $5.95, which supports levels of up to 1-16. You can checkout demo. Purchase/ Download: Angry Birds Space for Windows.
  4. Mac: Apple’s Mac users needs to spend $4.99 to play the game, the game requires OS X 10.6.6 or above. Download: Mac App Store
 Assuming, you have downloaded required version for your platform. Now, lets learn the ways to Install the Games.
How to Install Angry Birds Space Game/ Apps on Android Devices Manually
Step 1: Visit Google Play/ Android Market, and search for an Apps Installer. You can go with z-App Installer, Fast installer or any other, and install into the device.
Step 2: Now, copy the .apk file, which you have downloaded from Option 2 in Download part above, to the root of your device’s SD card.
Step 3: Now navigate to the App Installer, and find all the .APK files stored into the memory cards, then select the Angry Birds file you have downloaded in Step 2.
Step 4: Now click on the download file (.APK), and the game is ready to play. It will hardly take few seconds, depends on your device.
Congratulations! You have installed the Angry Birds Space Game on your Android Smartphone manually. Enjoy!!
Installing Angry Birds Space in iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac
If you are Apple iPhone, iPad user, you can download game from iTunes Store or App Store. While, for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista and others can follow the same procedure for software installation, which applies for Mac too.

Now Play Old Nintendo Games Online

Super Mario - Nintendo

This is a small flashback to the years of Nintendo System. All of us love Nintendo Games more than nowadays’ Games. SNESBox is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator based on Adobe Flash and you can use it Online (Browser-Based) without any 3rd Party Plugins to Play all brand Old Games such as Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Aladin, Contra… and many others. It provides 2 Nintendo systems: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) which is a developed NES.

How to Play Old Nintendo Games Online (Browser Based)
1) Go to SNESbox

2) You can choose which Nintendo System to use: NES or SNES

3) Now scroll down to find the list of Games to Play:

4) Select the game you want to play, and Click PLAY button.

5) You’ll be redirected to the Game, wait until the Emulator and the Rom loads.

6) Setup the Keys of the joystick by clicking on the button then assign a key from keyboard. You can load defaults settings by clicking load defaults

7) Working perfectly as you can see in the image below.

Super Mario - Nintendo
Super Mario – Nintendo

Xbox 360 : Mass Effect


Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

Mass Effect is the sci-fi action RPG epic from Canadian developer Bioware who has produced games such as Star War: KOTOR, Baldur’s Gate, and Neverwinter Nights amongst others in the past.

Mass Effect pits you as an elite human soldier named Commander Shepard. You, along with a squad of other specialists, some human and some alien, seek out a rebel soldier who has discovered the key to a powerful ancient technology capable of destroying civilizations. The story starts out as a simple cat and mouse story, but as you continue on your journey, it evolves into something much larger – a political ballad filled treason and corruption.

What makes this game so engaging is the captivating storyline, but more importantly, your interaction within the story. There are several points during the game where you will have to make life or death decisions in regards to some of the game’s supporting characters and even your own band of infantry. Some of your decisions also affect your character’s morality; if you make “good” decisions, you get points towards your paragon status, while conversely, if you make “evil” decisions or if you’re trying to be a dick, then you get points towards your renegade status. I opted to be more of a dick in my campaign, and so my renegade points were pretty high. Just another fun aspect of the game.

The gameplay itself for the most part takes on the form of a standard shooter. Depending on what character archetype you choose, your character would specialize in either weaponry, techs (or electronics), and/or biotics (ie. spells). For my campaign, I chose the infiltrator class, moreso known as the sniper in leyman’s terms. Whichever class you end up choosing, you’re armed with 4 weapons (pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle) and an array of biotic and/or tech abilities. In addition, two characters from your squad join by your side as you go through the missions.

Alongside all the shoot’em up action are RPG elements. Basically you gain experience points as you complete quests and kill baddies which helps you gain levels. After each level you’re given skill points to assign and customize what your character’s more specific specialities are.

The mission system I’d say is akin somewhat to Grand Theft Auto’s system where you can continue with the main plot in the story or pick up optional missions to get a fuller feel of the storyline and the atmosphere while reaping up bonuses in cash and loot. My only peeve with the optional missions is that they are not exactly creative. When taking on such a mission, the goal will variate between an assassination, delivery, or exploration… not a wide variation. However, the story involved amongst them is still interesting and adds much to the Mass Effect mythos.

The game took me about 20 hours to play through and I can’t wait to go through it again. It is definitely fun traversing across the universe, visiting different galaxies, and exploring new planets. Some of the cities are so large that it is quite easy to miss optional quests, which in the end demands another play through just to pick these up.

The voice work is pretty amazing which garnered much attention and rave reviews when the game first came out. Some of the special geek guest celebrities that were involved had me excited ie. Seth Green, Keith David, Lance Henriksen, etc.

Anyhow, if you’re a sci-fi nerd, definitely check out this game, I’m sure you can find it in a bargain bin for $25, and it’s well worth the money. Later geeks!