How to optimize and get better speed with your blog in wordpress

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  1. Queen007 says:

    Hi, Dagorret!!I came here because my goog friend Alex Sisoef has a track back of your article and I’m looking for solution for my speed problem in my blog. I’m trying to reach Google no. 1 page for my Mobile Monopoly Web Marketing Review and a lot of my readers has adviced me that I have an ERROR ON PAGE in my blog. I tested it and my load speed is 3.92 second for just 150.38 KB. I know is a slow speed for this tiny KB so I hope to use as much as I can your tips.However I must tell you and not a geek so I must be very careful doing the things.If you have any more advice for this newbie I will appreciate it.Thanks

    • dagorret says:

      Your site, if that is in your Twitter profile. In my simple understanding has the following problems:

      – Is a 732 hosting other domains. Apparently the server is very busy. Check this with your provider.

      – And you are using a single platform that contains multiple WordPress blogs

      I would:

      A) It would chache handler, so that the pages are displayed faster.
      Plugins would install the WP-Super-Cache

      3) would cease to use the plugins All Seo Pack. Consumes many resources.

      4) would use an external administrator comments. As Disqus.

      We hope this information

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