Monsanto Anti-trust Case

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  1. Wayne Nash says:

    No one should own the right to patent life forms. Period. Monsanto does not give a damn about anything but its shareholder’s bottom line. Everyone everywhere needs to fight these Frankenfood companies till their dying day. Stop screwing with our food supply and stop screwing with the farmers that sustain us.

  2. brianalan says:

    I don’t think the author of this article understands the situation. Monsanto truly destroys competition by using their patent on a seed gene to wipe it out with legal and financial means. They’ve even made it against the law to criticize their products, which begs the question of tyranny and violating freedom of speech rights. They use their incredible resources to crush anyone perceived as a potential threat to their supremacy. It’s exactly what monopoly laws are meant for. Capitalism only works when people play by the rules, and act honestly.

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