Socialized Medicine in the United States!

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  1. JC Rawley says:

    The funny thing is: The United States INVENTED Socialized Medicine DURING WWII.

    Yes Those famous Socialists like Howard Hughes and other defense contractors gave their workers free medical care to increase production (and their profits) during the war.

    After the war they worked tirelessly to convince American it never happened and never Could happen here even as our allies copied the plans for their countries.

    Look it up..

    • TOAD says:

      All we need to do is quit paying doctors more than a fair daily wage, or hourly for that matter, like 10 bucks an hour. Quit taking the poisonous drugs the BigPharma corporations want to feed us by advertising them on tv! Nobody really needs most of that crap, they are just drug dealers. And educate people to be healthy, not like we all are these days, lazy fat and lame. Get out and exercise, quit eating FAKE FOOD.
      WAKE UP!

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