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CSS3 3D Transformation Functions

Here we have come up with another useful collection of HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials & Techniques for you. These tutorials will be very useful for the web developers as their work mainly depends on HTML5 and CSS3. Web developers create stylish and extremely trendy website and web applications by the help of these two languages. This is the reason why HTML5 and CSS3 play so much important role in the web development.
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New version of Safari with Extensions Gallery

Safari Logo
Safari Logo
Safari Logo

After updating its computers yesterday, Apple took the next logical step today releasing the new Safari 5.0.1 with a great new twist. Apple has also formally launched the Safari extensions Gallery, a directory of extensions and browser ad-ons now available from Amazon, eBay, Bing,, the New York Times, and Twitter.

Apple introduced extension support in Safari 5 last June and invited developers to start creating extensions and ad-ons with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web standards. The most interesting developers featured on the list are 2 Apple contenders, namely, with their Wish List extension and Microsoftwith their Bing Extension for Safari. Apparently they were asked by Apple itself to develop the extensions in a wise move to make use of the 2 very popular services from the said companies.

The new Safari Extensions Gallery is accessible straight from the browser menu or at Users can download and install extensions from the gallery with a single click, and there’s no need to restart the browser. The Extensions Gallery allows users to quickly find extensions that add powerful new features to Safari, from toolbars that display live web feeds to sophisticated programs that filter web content. Safari 5.0.1 allows users to download and install extensions either from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from a developer’s site. Add-ons can be automatically updated and are managed within Safari. Users can enable or disable individual extensions, or turn off all extensions with one click.