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Dog eating her back

Dog eating her back

Be very bastard bad person to feed your dog on your back. The poor man is breaking his neck and pulling the tongue best to catch something.

Dog: the best friend of men (Video)

Mem, I mean the title. Not all humans, I think they understand who is excluded. This type of behavior is typical of men and dogs. Women do not understand. Our friends and us, we...

Snooker playing dog

Look at this dog super smart. Until we see that looks like pushing the ball. Sure, it plays much better than me!. Enjoy.

Dogs in Slow Motion

Ah, the power of slow-mo, expensive cameras, and angle editing.  You better believe this was storyboard.

My Pet

Creating the pet of my dreams

The advantage of being a kid is that he is permitted to dream, make and break into his world. This boy wanted to make your dog your “animal.” What name did they call it?