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Vancouver kiss

Kiss of Vancouver

This week appeared on the website is photography. This very divugada. But it is a symbol of what we want the citizens of the world. Taken from this blog, which also has a good...

Beautiful Memories

Beautiful Memories

Beautiful music and excellent images. Beauty is the “moral” in nature. Thank you to my friend Zuzanna for share this

The place of lost hearts

The place of lost hearts

This is a nebula published in APOD, called IC 1805. But if you thought that somewhere in the heart could be found destitute of love, is this would be good to explore. Simpre surprising...

3 ways to lift your libido

I always feel a bit sad when I hear people (mainly women in long term relationships with children ) say they have lost their libido, they just don’t feel like sex anymore. In most...

China: An Incredible Love Story

The 70-years old Chinese man who hand-carved over 6,000 stairs up a mountain for his 80-years old wife has passed away in the cave which has been the couple’s home for the last 50...