Harlem Shake video, the next Gangnam style !

Gangnam style which has become a massive hit in the recent days but way back in 2011 lot of craze was there for Harlem shake,  Harlem shake is a dancing style in which one person who is in a mask surrounded by a group of people keeps dancing to the tune for first 15 seconds and when the bass suddenly drops, all the people (who does not pay attention initially) who are surrounding the dancer suddenly starts dancing to the tune with high energy levels.

Original Harlem Shake Video

In 2011 February people were uploading as many as 3000 harlem shake parody videos per day. But slowly what happened is the people uploading harlem shake parody videos were crossing the limits by uploading harlem shake version in which dancers were just having minimal clothing etc.
Harlem shake had really become popular when large groups of people start doing memes of harlem shake and uploading to youtube subsequently this had happened to an extent that on feb 22, 2011 around 70,000 people danced to harlem shake at Tel avviv  (Israel ) on an ocassion of street party
I know you will love to watch the top harlem shake videos.

Top 10 Harlem Shake videos

Nokia launches Nokia Music, a free service for music streaming

Here’s a good news for Lumia 710 and 900 owners, because Nokia launched just yesterday a service for these cellphones, called Nokia Music. Best of all it’s totally free and without any ads.

You can enjoy over than 150 curated playlists available, or if you want choose between millions of songs and make them on your own. Also, you can download these on your device and enjoy them offline without the need of an Internet connection.

Nokia Music features “GIG FINDER”, which locates your current position and pinpoints on the map concert and show in their local area.

To use it you just need to download the Nokia Music App from the Marketplace and start using it without the need of a registration.

Though there is a pretty bad news: it’s available only for USA customers, so users from other continents won’t be able to use it, for now.

Source :  Nokia

The memory of Amy Winehouse

A year after his death, the artist is still present in the neighborhood of London. Several local remember her with her image. Over the next will have a statue.


A year after his early death, Amy Winehouse remains in the memory of their fans. In the London borough of Camden Town, where the singer lived, their songs still sound in each of the bars.
“This is for London and Camden is on fire,” said the author of “Rehab” by winning one of five Grammys in February 2008, while the famous market in his neighborhood suffered a major fire.
The pub “The Hawley Arms,” one of the most frequented by the artist and was completely destroyed, became the mausoleum of the soul diva.
Coinciding with the first anniversary of his death, the underground station in Camden Town has a poster with the portrait of the artist designed by Johan Andersson, two weeks after his death.
In addition, Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, published a book about her daughter and Camden will have a bronze statue in honor of the girl, who will rise in the Roundhouse music venue.
His style is still present in the music fans. Searched rebellious spirit living on the edge and mark a new direction.

The most watched video in Youtube


It is the lead single from her second studio album, The Fame Monster. The track was produced by RedOne and was inspired by the paranoia that she had felt while touring through the previous year. After the demo version of the song leaked, Gaga premiered the song at Alexander McQueen‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Paris Fashion Week show on October 6, 2009, followed by the release of the cover art. Composed in a similar tempo to her previous singles, “Bad Romance” features a spoken bridge and a full-throated chorus. The song was written by Gaga while touring and was inspired by German house-techno music. Lyrically it talks about being in love with one’s best friend.

Contemporary critics gave positive reviews of the song with the majority of them comparing the song to Gaga’s second single “Poker Face“. It has since reached number one on the UK Singles ChartIrish Singles ChartCanadian Hot 100 and the Swedish, German, Austrian and Danish charts, while peaking at number two in countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The accompanying music video takes place in a white bathhouse where Gaga is kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her and then sell her off to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery. The video received positive response for its treatment and innovation with critics noting more its craziness and symbolic plot.

Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 promises to bring together contacts, photos, music and video into one smooth mobile experience. It’s holistic design aims to bring together web content, applications and services into a single view port, making you master of all you survey. Microsoft is introducing the new mobile OS at Mobile World Congress 2010, in Barcelona next month.

A New Home

The home screen, or Start, on Windows Phone 7 Series can be customized with live “tiles” that show the latest updates from the Web. In a radical departure from the earlier versions, the new one stop home screen provides access to contacts, web content, social networking services and local applications. Big, finger-loving notice icons or “tiles” for calls, text messages, email and of course Facebook etc stare you right in the face. Large, iconic text for menus, and content transitions slide a user into and out of different views. If you thought it’s just a pretty skin, think again. This is a brand new OS with fresh underlying code, not a mere rehash of the old guard offering a new user interface experience.

Social Networking

The OS is also heavily focused on social networking, providing integrated contact pages which show status updates from multiple services and allow fast jumps to richer cloud content (such as photo galleries). Rather than relying on applications and skins, Windows Phone 7 comes with social networking support wired right in.

Xbox Live and Zune Integration

The Xbox Live integration offers LIVE games, avatars and profiles and Zune’s features seem to be copy pasted directly in to the new OS. In fact Zune users will not be surprised by the new OS’s interface. Zune HD games run like hell on the Tegra Chip it uses. Will they play well with the Snapdragon chips, Windows Phone will most probably prevail with? Or are we going to see OMAP4 and Tegra 2 devices? Stay tuned for more updates.


With regards to hardware, the 7 Series devices will all sport a specific CPU and speed, screen aspect ratio and resolution, memory and button configuration and will not partner with UI customizers like Sense or TouchWiz. Which means every Windows Phone 7 will sport a single Windows Phone identity regardless of carrier or device brand. Which means they will all look shockingly similar at first sight. Carrier collaborations  include AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, SFR, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telstra, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone while hardware partners include Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Qualcomm.

Is it time to conclude already? I think the game is just beginning. When I sat down to write about the burning hot smartphone OS market, I was thinking iPhone OS vs Android vs Blackberry vs Palm. Little did I know an old timer was going to make a radical new entry into the fray all over again. And it appears like Microsoft has finally got it after all these years. Burning bridges and adopting a radical approach may not be enough to come out tops but it sure as hell has brought them face to face with the top warriors of the smartphone war.

Gary Go: Wonderful – Lyric

Thank  to shefali21 for share this “Wonderful” video.

The person that you were has died
You’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes
You fell for life – into its traps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you want that person back

And all your ammunition’s gone
Run out of fuel to carry on
You don’t know what you wanna do
You’ve got no pull to pull you through

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”

If what you’ve lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don’t stop to let it pass you by
You’ve gotta look yourself in the eye

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”
Oh you are

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”

Cause we are all miracles
wrapped up in chemicals
We are incredible
Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
Oh we are

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”
Oh you are

Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
wrapped up, yeah we’re wrapped up
Oh we are wonderful