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10 programs and services for editing and sharing photos

Allow you to manipulate images and then upload them to a social network. Are free. Domestic cameras and cell phones gave the picture an immense circulation. Almost all users of the Internet and digital technologies at some point share,...

Photographic compositions: composing the impossible

Photographic compositions: composing the impossible

The photographs are of Skeleton Digital Art Studio which specializes in creating original works of art as well as collaborating with photographers, art directors and designers requiring assistance fulfilling their visions on challenging projects.

Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 promises to bring together contacts, photos, music and video into one smooth mobile experience. It’s holistic design aims to bring together web content, applications and services into a single view...

Beautiful Photographs Taken In Graveyards

40 hauntingly photos . Here a sample. I recommend that you visit the site “jazjaz” to know and enjoy the rest. (http://www.jazjaz.net/2009/04/40-hauntingly-beautiful-photographs-taken-in-graveyards.html)

Ice Storms

Nature’s Cold Shoulder Freezing rain… sounds innocent enough, until it becomes a layer of ice, enveloping every single thing in a heavy, unwelcome embrace. (image credit: João Paglione) (image courtesy: Rick Macomber (c)2007) Ice...