The day the world spoke of YPF

The decision of President Cristina Fernandez to expropriate 51% of the assets ofYPF for Spanish Repsol became a focus of the online editions of majorinternational newspapers, which warned of the threat of retaliation against theSpanish government extent. The news showed a greater coverage in the newspapers of the region, but had significant media coverage in the United States.

Agentina seizes YPF, the largest oil company, is the main title the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which sees the move as a step in the process of state intervention in the economy carried out by the Kirchner administration.
Also as a central theme of his front page on line, the Financial Times titledArgentina nationalizes oil group and argues that President Cristina Fernandezignored the outrage that the measure caused the government of Mariano Rajoy.

In Europe, the BBC broadcast the announcement of the President with the titled: The Argentine government decided to expropriate the oil company YPF mainnews of the online version of the British portal.
In Spain, El Pais said that Repsol YPF Argentina expropriates and warns thatthe Spanish authorities the decision breaks the spirit of friendship between the two countries.

In a similar line the conservative newspaper ABC reports that Rajoy preparesstrong action against Argentina for a measure that considers hostile and terrible.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian newspaper Folha indicated in the headline: Argentine government takes control of Spanish oil and highlights what Cristina said public utility to declare the company YPF.
Re-nationalization of YPF was Argentina hostile decision underlines its value in online edition, which echoes the deep unease with which the Spanish government received the announcement of Cristina Fernandez.

Another Brazilian newspaper, O Globo reported that Kirchner hasrenationalization law for YPF.

In turn, the newspaper El Universal of Mexico announced that the government of Felipe Calderon ready position in dispute Spain-Argentina by YPF and notes that the Minister of Economy of the country, Bruno Ferrari, ruled that the progress of the continent must be based on economic integration and open trade, notprotectionism and nationalization.

Uruguay’s El Pais headlined the Argentine government decided to expropriatethe oil company YPF, while Chile’s La Tercera wrote: Cristina Fernandezannounced project for the expropriation of 51% of YPF oil company, under the guidance Conflict Repsol-YPF.

The Chilean newspaper also completed several news information concerning the future position of the government of Sebastián Piñera regarding theexpropriation of YPF, Spain’s position and issued an opinion from the EuropeanCommission warns Argentina that the expropriation of YPF will consequences.
Another Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio also devoted space to the subject andreported that Cristina Fernandez sent to Congress to expropriate YPF projectand that the Spanish Government claims that Argentina will give an appropriate response.

 La Razón Digital  in Bolivia noted that the Argentine government initiative states that 49% of the company will be distributed between provinces.
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Big Miracle

Big Miracle

Big Miracle

Between Dolphin Tale and now this – formerly titled Everybody Loves Whales – you might be forgiven for thinking that Greenpeace was sponsoring a few upcoming films, since helping oceanic mammals is everywhere right now. Take a look at the trailer for what is now called Big Miracle over at Apple.

Miracle is based on the 1988 true story of three gray whales that became trapped in pack ice near Alaska’s Point Barrow community. When the local natives discovered the creatures, they worked to try to fee them, but when that initial effort failed, the nearby media (and then the world) got involved, eventually leading to a previously unheard of collaboration between the United States and Russia.

The film shifts a few of the elements around, and stars John Krasinski as a news reporter who first breaks word of the whales’ plight. He ropes in Drew Barrymore’s environmental crusader, and that sets the dominoes falling for everything else that happens as she tries to convince the governor (Stephen Root) to find an ice-breaking ship…

While Everybody Loves Whales was a slightly clunky title, we’re not 100% convinced that Big Miracle is better – and it leaves out the cetacean aspect all together. Still, people do love big creatures being helped, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Big Miracle will sail on to screens on February 10.

September 11th Tribute.

I have decided to publish this video in memory and tribute to those killed in the 9/11.

It was difficult decision. They can find many videos or articles with questions that are still unanswered. You can search this blog and find my opinion.

But it will be for another time.
Today this video is to remember those images, very strong and raw, we saw on TV. Memory is the hope of righteousness.

My friends, Americans, my respect and sorrow for what happened. But also an order. Is for you to begin to clarify all.
Whether we know the truth or otherwise.

From Argentina, a minute of silence for you.


Monsanto’s relationship with the U.S. Government

In cables released by Wikileaks this past August, 2011, US diplomats asked the State Department for funding to send biotechnology experts to “target countries” for discussions with high-profile politicians and agricultural officials.

The “target countries” include African, Asian and South American countries where genetically modified (GM) agriculture has yet to gain a foothold. Even some European countries have been targeted, such as France, since it has been slow to adopt GM foods. Summarizing a French documentary, “The World According to Monsanto,” a 2008 cable reads:

“Jeffrey Smith, Director, Institute for Responsible Technology, who is interviewed says that a number of Bush Administration officers were close to Monsanto, either having obtained campaign contributions from the company or having worked directly for it: John Ashcroft, Secretary of Justice, received contributions from Monsanto when he was reelected, as did Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health; Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture, was director of Calgene which belonged to Monsanto; and Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, was CEO of Searle, a Monsanto subsidiary; and Justice Clarence Thomas was a former lawyer for Monsanto.”Embassy diplomats requested Washington provide “talking points” so officers could respond to the documentary on an “if asked” basis and emphasize “the positive role ag biotech can play in meeting world food needs.”

The close relationship between the US government and Monsanto has unfortunately continued into the Obama administration. President Obama nominated the former pro-biotech governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, as USDA Secretary; he nominated Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, as the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods; and he nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan, who took Monsanto’s side against organic farmers in the Roundup Ready alfalfa case, to the Supreme Court.
Studies on the health effects of GM food consumption have often been damning. For example, a Russian study with rats fed GM foods showed a five-fold increase in mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce. An additional study also suggests a link between GM and infertility. GM cotton has been linked to thousands of deaths among sheep, buffaloes, and other livestock, plus allergic reactions in their human caretakers.
Despite the evidence against GM foods, powerful corporations such as Monsanto have been able to keep such research out of the mainstream. As reportedby Jeffrey Smith of the Huffington Post:“Whenever these studies or reports surfaced, scientists should have charged in to conduct intense follow-up research. Instead, the funding–to find and expose the cause of the problem–often mysteriously dries up; scientists are transferred, threatened or fired, and the health risk link to GMOs is vehemently denied.

Take the Russian rat study [mentioned above], conducted by Irina Ermakova, a senior scientist at the Russian National Academy of Sciences. After we presented GMO health risk info at the EU Parliament in June 2007, she told me about the backlash that occurred after doing her study. Samples were stolen from her lab, documents were burnt on her desk, and her boss, under pressure from his boss, ordered her to cease all future research on GMOs. One of her colleagues tried to comfort her by saying, “Maybe GM soy will solve the human overpopulation problem.” She wasn’t comforted.”

The promotion of agricultural biotechnology in dozens of countries was referenced in U.S. embassy documents ranging from 2005 to 2010. 

Realistic and sustainable urbanism

Many cities are following the path to a green horizon.
Many cities are following the path to a green horizon.
Many cities are following the path to a green horizon.

That the Earth has more land occupied by virgin ecosystem garbage can feel that the only way out is to leave the skyscrapers and return to living in caves. But the application of certain controls could reduce the damage and start again in another direction. But to take measures for the quality of life of people and the environment is often oppose the convenience of businesses and organizations, which makes the process slower. In China, the State laws tried to cover the environmental problems caused by the growth of their industry. Professor of Peking University Jin Wang said in an article in the China Dialogue environmentalist most of the measures were unnecessary because the government does not deal with or stop the top consumers of renewable energy or pollution , which grew 25 percent in 14 years.

According to Forbes business magazine, Mexico City is the fifth among the dirtiest in the world, so much so that the air does not pass the quality test of the World Health Organization. Yet, in country level, only five percent of the 2449 municipalities is responsible for generating environmental protection projects such as solar water heating, biogas or the protection of biodiversity.

Even in cases such as California, where efforts to improve the ecosystem are welcome, are present corporate pressures with Koch Industries to the head. The second company-largest oil refining attempts to curb global warming law AB32, which calls for reducing carbon emissions in the jurisdiction to return to 1990 levels in 10 years.

Law ?

“The legislation should not generate consciousness, but setting limits, clear criteria and guidelines for sustainable citizenship. The problem is that many laws or rules that aim to change can be resisted, so many governments postpone its regulations and legislate only on matters that already have broad consensus. No risk”, said Matthew Rosenberg, a graduate in Political Science and Director of the Butterfly sustainability consultant.

In some countries the laws are favorable to the environment high on the agenda, and little by little cities that make up its side developed more Amish, changing habits of its inhabitants and landscape.

If one speaks of a city, probably the first problem that arises is that of transportation and the bicycle is the best solution being the most clean to move everywhere. In the United States, the League of American Bicyclists awarded to New Mexico to legislate in favor of transit requiring the two wheels of the cars away, and Portland for their exclusive network of more than 418 kilometers.

Other U.S. cities are also pioneers, such as San Francisco and New York. In the first, a 2007 law banned plastic bags from supermarkets and pharmacies, which were replaced by the gender of recyclable paper or reusable, and the second took effect this year a legislation controlling waste technology displaced, called e-waste. The need to recycle and reuse electronic equipment manufacturer requires a system to collect the products your buyers replaced by new ones. So you’re buying a notebook can leave the old in the business, though not of the same brand.

Further north, in Canada, Vancouver has positioned itself as a mecca of renewable energy by feeding 90 percent of its territory as hydropower. At the same time, the coastal city has a plan for 100 years to reduce their emissions, researching alternatives that offer both natural resources and the capacity of wind, waves and tides to generate renewable energy.

The old continent

In Europe, a practice such as green roofs or sprouts, became law in Copenhagen, which plans to cut its carbon emissions by 2025. In the capital of Denmark, all new buildings under 30 floors are required to plant vegetation on their roofs. The main benefits of the gardens in the highest, in addition to color that give the landscape, is absorbing 80 percent of rainwater, preventing flooding, and reduce urban temperatures acting as an insulator.

Spain was also responsible for sanctioning a new building code in 2006 that requires all homes to be built have solar energy to supply hot water system. This law increased the amount of solar panels of 1650 square meters to 14,028, according to the Energy Agency of Barcelona.

Germany’s rescue mainly ecological Vauban district in Freiburg, home to 5000 people and no cars coming. It is the largest consumer of solar power in the world, followed by Italy, Japan and the United States. In addition, their energy policies aim to close all nuclear plants in ten years, as explained by the Environment Minister, Norbert Röttgen, The New York Times. The process began shortly before the disaster of Fukushima in Japan, and since there are only nine of the 16 had.

In South America

More here, the collective system of Curitiba, Brazil, the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT), is probably the best example to follow that brings South America. Its efficacy makes it use more than one million passengers per day, of which one third was traveling by car. Result: reduced by 30 percent fuel use per capita.

My choice of 5 best photos from flickr

Ray on a tree
Ray on a tree
Ray on a tree - Aixcracker (Finland)

The spectacular image of a beam falling on a tree challenges the best special effects and beyond … for real. Something that has earned for more than 530,000 visits.

The flight
The flight - LordV (UK)

The exciting flight of an insect Syritta pipiens has earned the nick reminiscentBritish metalheads to be in this selection.

Beams - Linus Gelber (USA)

The two beams of light replace New York’s twin towers, creating a beautiful skyline and cyberpunk, is the particular homage to the 11-S of the U.S.

In the delta
In the delta - Farla (Vietnam)

The rising tides of the Sea of ​​China and floods are creating a drama for millions of families in the Far East, but they serve to take pictures as nice as this.

Bucolic landscape
Bucolic landscape - Kenyai (Hungary)

This image is the perfect representation of a bucolic landscape. Taken during the Autumn in a Lombard village near the border with Switzerland, invited to make a perfect picnic.

TOP 30 most curious world law

Currently, legislation is seen as a staid field. But like most things in this life, also has its funny and absurd side. This is a list of some of the strangest laws still in force today in the world. After reading, you may have noticed that many of these laws are kept in a symbolic and do not pose any hazard to those who break them.

  • In the city of York (England), it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient walls, but only if he carries a bow and arrows.
  • In Oregon (USA) is forbidden to whistle underwater.
  • In the UK, a pregnant woman can urinate anywhere, even in a police helmet.
  • In Florida (USA), unmarried women who parachute on Sundays may be jailed.
  • It is illegal to die in the British Parliament.
  • In Indonesia, masturbation is punishable by beheading.
  • In the town of Alberta (Canada), if you were arrested and released, is entitled to request a handgun with bullets and a horse to flee the city.
  • In Israel it is forbidden to stick her finger in the nose on Saturday.
  • In North Carolina (USA) oral sex is considered a crime against nature.
  • In the UK, a man who feels compelled to urinate in public can do so if it points toward the wheel of his vehicle and keep your right hand on him.
  • In Ohio (USA), it is illegal to have a fish drunk.
  • In Bahrain, a doctor can examine a woman’s genitals but is forbidden to look at them directly during the examination, and can only see their reflection in a mirror.
  • In Kentucky (USA), it is illegal to carry concealed weapons in excess of two meters long.
  • In Vermont (United States), women need a signed permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.
  • In France it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon.
  • In Chester (England), Welsh can not enter the city before sunrise, and can not stay in it once it has been.
  • The ships of the Royal Navy entering the Port of London must provide a barrel of rum to the keepers of the Tower of London.
  • In Lancashire (England), if a police stop you on the edge of the sea, are prohibited from inciting a dog to bark.
  • In Miami, it is illegal to walk around the police station in skateboarding.
  • In Atlanta is against the law to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or a lamppost.
  • The Chicago law forbids eating in a place that is burning.
  • In Blythe, California, an ordinance states that a person must possess at least two cows parapodia bear cowboy boots in public.
  • In Denver it is unlawful to provide the vacuum to the neighbor.
  • In Greene, New York, it is illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalks when a concert.
  • In Lexington, Kentucky, it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket.
  • In Memphis, Tennessee it is illegal for a woman drive a car unless a man either running or walking in front of it waving a red flag to warn motorists and pedestrians approaching.
  • It’s against the law for a monster into the limits of Urbana, Illinois.
  • It’s illegal in Wilbur, Washington, riding a horse ugly.
  • The law of Pennsylvania prohibits singing in the shower.

And finally a Spanish. Under Article 612 of the Spanish Civil Code:

The owner of a swarm of bees shall be entitled to pursue on the estate of another, compensating the holder of the damage it caused. If located to the fence, you need the owner’s consent to enter.
When the owner has not pursued, or cease to pursue the swarm two consecutive days, the owner may occupy the property or retain it.

Children in Iraq

Iraqi child injured


Iraqi child injured
Source : JEAN-MARC BOUJU / El País



Are increasingly clear about the atrocities committed in the invasion of Iraq. And those responsible, instead of showing repentance, they would repeat the same thing over and over again.

As time passes, and not just for publishing secret documents, it becomes clear that the invasion of Iraq, improperly called war was a crime knowingly and manifold. Thousands of civilians were killed or maimed, if not tortured or pleasantly thoroughly violated. Men, women, teenagers, children, all served to take the macho, to show off your biceps or abs.

The perpetrators of the slaughter are still at large, smooth border crossing, write books from which they derive substantial profits, give conference at the price of gold, and when referring to the topic, instead of showing repentance, they would say over and thousand times the same.

No psychopathic murderer in any prison in the world capable of showing off both of his crimes. And as it shows a button, here is an Iraqi prisoner by holding your child in a prison camp of U.S.




Georgia O’Keeffe: When the flowers are more beautiful

Calla Lillies with Red Anemone

s one of the American painter, one of the most celebrated painters of the United States.

More than 500 examples of his work is found in more than 100 public collections in Asia, Europe and North and Central America. And because his work was exhibited for the first time in New York in 1916, has been included in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions organized throughout the world. Therefore, it comes as something of a surprise to discover that at the time of his death in 1986, when she was ninety-eight, O’Keeffe owned more than half of the 2,029 known works of its total production.

She was born in 1887 and died in his beloved New Mexico in 1986.

It is known for his landscapes and paintings of desert flowers. His paintings of flowers are often interpreted as Yonico and blurred contours of his works evoke abstract images.

His complete biography can be found at: Geogia O’Keeffe Museum

Behold, my selection of his extensive work. See page above to see more works.


Calla Lillies with Red Anemone
Calla Lillies with Red Anemone

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