HTML to Markdown

I'm working on a documentation project where I might need to convert some existing HTML pages back into text or Markdown format for the new system. Rather than manually editing the HTML source, I'm testing with a couple different ways to script it automatically. Lynx Lynx is an open-source text web browser that is usually [...]

They approve a new standard called WebAuthn that would put an end to passwords on the internet

The W3C Consortium (World Wide Web Consortium) that governs the Internet destinations announced together with the FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online), aimed at improving the authentication and security mechanisms in the network of networks, which can be the end of passwords as we know them. It is WebAuthn, which in English means "Web Authentication", a [...]

Sky Photography

by Tommy Eliassen by Friðþjófur M. by Lomaas Creek by Johan WallPix by Kuutti Heikkilä by Unknown

To catch you up re: Venezuela

A broken socialist economy that enjoyed a variety of industry and was entirely dependent on oil crashed, largely because of Maduro's failed central planning (recall: I have appointed apolitical military figures to most key ministries and government roles) and the devaluation of oil internationally. This had to do with multiple factors including the Saudis rushing [...]

New favorite painter, Vittorio Reggianini

I’ve just discovered my new favorite painter, Vittorio Reggianini - those smarter than myself probably already know of him as an Italian painter from the 1800s who made satin look even satiny-er than satin. I just cannot get over how much he loved painting women who were NOT. But there was one hottie that everyone [...]

Building a Docker to run Python & R

The Challenge I wanted to containerise a pipeline of code that was predominantly developed in Python but has a dependency on a model that was trained in R. I succeeded in doing so by using a base Ubuntu image with an installation of the r-base package and python3.6 - and much troubleshooting on the web! [...]

Hard Problem of Consciousness

I think it’s a mistake to view the Hard Problem as unique to materialism.  Idealism can’t answer it either, and generally doesn’t try to.  IMO, the problem is not really about matter, but about description or explanation. (I also don’t think it’s unique to “formal” systems or approaches, except in a sense so broad that [...]

About the cost of The Space Shuttle

Thomas A. Heppenheimer, The space shuttle decision: NASA’s search for a reusable space vehicle, 1999. (Full text free online, since the book was government funded.) I used to think the story of the Space Shuttle was that it promised to lower the cost of space launches, but sadly turned out to be more expensive than [...]

Install Nginx, MySQL, PHP on Centos 7

LEMP software stack is a group of open source software that is typically installed together to enable a server to host dynamic websites and web apps. This term is actually an acronym which represents the Linux operating system, with the ENginx web server (which replaces the Apache component of a LAMP stack). The site data [...]

Manjaro plans to get rid of pacman

The pacman package manager is one of the reasons why many of us fell in love with Arch Linux and its derivatives. Simple and fast, both when installing official packages (in the community lately helpers type Yay or trizen triumph) and to update the system. Its pragmatism in the command line makes it one of [...]