10 Motivational Videos

Once in a while a video comes along that is powerful enough to transcend language barriers and speak directly to our soul. That’s why today I’ve decided to do a list with the motivational videos that had great impact on me and have served me  as a motivational source  almost on a daily basis.

Dream – Mateusz M

Most people they raise a family, they earn a living and then they die. They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves.

If today were the last day of my life – by Steve Jobs

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked, there is no reason  not to follow your heart.

Be Phenomenal – MotivationGrid

Remember Me – Devinsupertramp

Vision – Mateusz M

We have to see ourselves there long before it happened.

How Bad Do You Want It – Eric Thomas

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.

Trust Your Power – Derrick Coleman

They didn’t call my name… told me it was over.. but I’ve been deaf since three, so I didn’t listen.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin

You the people have the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

No arms, No Legs, No worries – Nick Vujicic

It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough. It’s a lie to think that you are not worth anything.

The Last Lecture – By Randy Pausch

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.

Is there a video you would like to add to the list? What is your favorite motivational video? I love them all so I can’t choose one. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below also if you enjoyed these motivational videos don’t forget to share the post.

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