Allow you to manipulate images and then upload them to a social network. Are free.

Domestic cameras and cell phones gave the picture an immense circulation. Almost all users of the Internet and digital technologies at some point share, store or edited a photo. Here, ten options for applications, sites and services to improve the photos, save them and share them, either from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.


Recently acquired by Facebook, this application only cell is proposed as “a fast, beautiful and fun to share your life with your friends through photos.” Allows you to retouch images and share them via social networks. Available for iPad and Android.


Among the many free programs for image processing, the FxFoto is one that collects good opinions. Stands out as being complete. Enhances photos automatically or manually remove red eye and blemishes, apply effects, add frames and borders, correct colors, designs collages. It is also lightweight.


Is presented as nothing less than the on-line photo editing world’s most popular.Beyond this is true or not, Pixlr offers three flexible options for working with photos from your computer or from mobile: Pixlr Editor Pixlr Pixlr Express-o-matic. Available for iPad and Android.


Another good option to edit photos online. With a well stocked toolbox and intuitive to use.


Although long ago Twitter offers proprietary tools to disseminate images, there are services like Yfrog or Twitpic to share pictures and videos through the social network.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder (ADPF)

Among the programs with specific functions are those, like this one, are especially dedicated to find duplicate photos on your hard disk. It can be very useful to recover storage space on the PC.

Photoshop Express

The dean of professional image retouching has long had an online version for free.Also offers a range of applications associated with image editing specially designed for mobile phones and tablets, such as Photoshop Touch, an editing tool designed for touch screens.


The Google photo software lets you view, edit and organize photos on your computer.And since the last version, 3.9, including integration with Google + social network.


An “old” and known giant says it on their servers more than seven billion images of users around the world, he was elected to save and share your photos. In recent days, Flickr launched a major renovation of its tool for uploading images (Flickr Uploadr), now only required to select and drag files. And now the more rapid the rise of the photos, and increased the maximum size that may contain: paying users can upload files up to 50 MB for free account holders the maximum size is 30 MB per photo.


Another historic site (born in 2003) to store, edit and share photos and videos. It claims almost ten billion photos and videos stored. Now also be used from the phone.

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