And 140 million, between stingy and non-stingy, use it monthly.

Spotify is a monster. Although the service is not perfect, it has managed to get into the heart of users who see it almost as a necessity and this is reflected in that they already reached 60 million paying users.

The company updated its numbers emphasizing that in total has 140 million active users, the same that had been announced some time ago.

These show that there are more users who do not pay than those who pay.

But in the same way, 80 million people listen to the advertising between songs.

More numbers

There are already more than 30 million songs available and 2,000 million on playlist in total. Spotify boasts of paying more than $ 5 billion to music owners, although the accusation of creating fake artists is too recent to forget as well.

The truth is that, more criticism or less criticism, something will have done well the Swedes of Spotify to have numbers that, at least on paper, look super healthy.

The same can not be said of others who suffer to stay afloat (flour from another side, clearly).

How many of you pay Spotify? I do, because I feel it’s worth it.

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