Vaccine puts Biden in trouble

Vaccine puts Biden in trouble

To the multiple fronts open before the White House, this week the rejection of the conservative territories to the presidential mandate that requires vaccination against the covid to the workers of large companies has been added.

Sacred identities

The general idea in Collins, as in other places conditioned by these policies, was that no one should bother the rest and that everyone has the right to a safe space, sheltered from opinions that may contradict him.

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Flatpak 1.12 improves Steam support and fixes a serious vulnerability

Flatpak 1.12 brings a couple of important changes. The first is support for better control of sub-sandboxes. This feature was already being used by the Flatpak version of the Steam client, so the developers of the package format and its corresponding utility have decided to enhance it in order to make it easier to handle.

Argentina: Government floods the market.

The Argentine government accelerated the economic announcements to try to improve the social mood before the legislative elections in November. Vice President Cristina Kirchner’s claim in her public letter was to increase spending, taking into account that the social situation was complex. Economists estimate that the Government would have to spend a trillion pesos per… Continue reading Argentina: Government floods the market.

Configuration of UFW Firewall Rules

UFW stands for Uncomplicated Firewall, and is a user-friendly frontend for managing iptables (netfilter) firewall rules. It is the default firewall configuration tool for Ubuntu and is also available for other popular Linux distributions such as Debian and Arch Linux. Prerequisites The user running UFW commands must be a sudo user. Listing UFW Rules One of the most common tasks when… Continue reading Configuration of UFW Firewall Rules

Architecture of Gamerzilla

Gamerzilla is an open source game achievement system. The design considered both open source and commercial games. You can run your own Gamerzilla server, use one provided by a game store, or even distributions, or other groups could run them. Where you buy the game doesn’t matter. The achievement data uploads to your Gamerzilla server.… Continue reading Architecture of Gamerzilla

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