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A fat wallet against sexual identity

Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung & Gigi.

The unusual spectacle usually cross the world . And in Argentina is rife , especially in politics. Not to mention economics .

That reality will wipe passes to fiction as a concept is repeated I already tired. But sometimes wonder runs its own limits.

Cecil Chao is a Chinese billionaire 77 years who made his fortune through real estate business in Hong Kong. Anyway, has published a notice in a major newspaper offering a figure that exceeds $ 100 million man who can win the heart of his eldest daughter , 33.

The only two requirements that must meet the candidate is to be kind and generous. Qualities that adorn his daughter , whom he describes in advertising as ” good , attractive , generous , talented and devoted to their parents.”

But there are two light barriers suitor must take into account to achieve the ultimate prize: Gigi so called Daddy’s girl is a lesbian and says being married to a woman named Seab Eav . It is also one of the founders of an organization discrimination against gays and lesbians.

But the owner of the fat wallet is a stubborn man. Already in 2012 he had offered half the reward proposed for the same purpose today . 20, 000 candidates were nominated . Picky Chao selected a hundred . But despite all his efforts, and those of them clear , Gigi did not change loving or sexual orientation.

Among the many curiosities of the event, projecting one: despite the flagrant interference of the father in the intimate life of her daughter, both get along and show understanding each other .

Gigi says simply ” do not agree on the meaning of marriage .” And the dad says that ” I just want her to enjoy a good marriage , having children and inherit my business.”

The thing is tricky and probably pretty bad passes poor Sean Eav . Meanwhile, thousands of armed white knights especially greed prepare for a mission impossible .

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