The male mosquito is known as a vegetarian.

There’s nothing more fun make when dormant desire in addition to Central mosquito in the ear or itchiness on skin after they suck the blood of .
In addition, if the time comes, the mosquitoes are capable of delivering disaster into the middle of a family of diseases that it carries: dengue fever, malaria, elephant feet.
Although never interrupt, an outspoken hurt our peering slightly interesting facts about insects, such as a page from Discover Magazine.

  1.  There are about 2,500 species of mosquitoes spread on the face of the Earth. Most of them are active at dawn and dusk, while the rest is in the middle of the day.
  2. Mosquitoes never bite, but sucking blood from their victims.
  3. It took about 1,200,000 mosquito suck the blood of a human being to mature until demolished.
  4. It is equipped with a sense of satiety signals are sent when they suck blood. When researchers in the laboratory turned off signals that mosquitoes suck blood, until their stomach explodes.
  5. The male Mosquito is known as a vegetarian that sensitive. As for sucking our blood, which is the female mosquitoes.
  6. Millions of years ago, mosquito size three times bigger than the size now.
  7. A gust of breath is the mosquito sucking blood track when want to their victims. Hide, therefore, is not a bright idea.
  8. Millions of people alive today will die from the disease spread by mosquitoes diffused.
  9. However, there was no one else who will die because of AIDS. People with HIV have only very few virus particles in the blood stream. If there are mosquitoes which suck blood, digestive system will immediately turn off virus mosquito.


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