Ariel Zylber, 5 th year student of the school ORT 1, won the gold medal at the International Olympiad held in Amsterdam, where 560 boys competed in 101 countries.

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Argentina continues to reap science achievement. This time it was the turn of mathematics. A few months ago in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, developed the International Olympiad (IMO), where a young Argentine won the gold medal for the fourth time in history. The main character is Ariel Zylber, 5 th year student of the school ORT I, who at 17 years won the highest award of mathematical contest for high school students from around the world.

101 countries participated, and 560 boys who surrendered two days testing in conference, which consisted in solving three problems. It is not mathematical analysis (which is an area that is studied in college or high school), but other problems, less schematic and more creative. “They are problems of combinatorial geometry, algebra. Very difficult tests. The first day I could solve a very difficult combinatorial problem that very few people came up, and that helped me make jerk and win. He spoke of windmills, such as the Netherlands, “said the flamboyant Argentine-time gold medalist, Boca fan and basketball fanatic, who last year won a gold medal in the Olympics Southern Cone.

Next year will begin college: “I’m seeing if further mathematics or computer science. Insurance will study at the UBA. There were a month of intensive training prior to competition, 12-hour days, with two coordinators. This year, the site it was much more enjoyable to Ariel, the difficult Kazakhstan 2010: “It’s a beautiful city, but it always rains.”

Ariel said that “in Latin America Argentina mathematics is considered one of the best” and asked that “education in schools is less mechanical, you have to think more.” “The Olympics allows children to approach a part of mathematics more creative, more varied, it is not usually given at school, which is elementary. That theory does not require much to understand. The problems are designed for people who do not study mathematics and so also its resolutions”, said Martin Mereb, the first gold medal of the country in the Olympics in Taiwan in 1998. “As a graduate of UBA I can say that the level of teaching is very good, and the CBC as a teacher in high school are much less than some years ago. In terms of research I think we’re fine”, he said.

Next year, the competition will be in Argentina, and the seat would be Mar del Plata. Martin, who did his doctorate in Austin, Texas,

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