An intolerant and undemocratic Argentina

Lock to the printing of Grupo Clarin, this morning

Lock to the printing of Grupo Clarin, this morning

In 2009, this blog was published: Argentina: Unionists block distribution of newspapers. Then there was another block in mid-January by pro-governmentmilitants called “K militants”.

Since then, in 2009, already successful court rulings ordering the police and prosecutors a trigger for no further such events.

The non-daily circulation Clarin, a newspaper in open opposition to the government,is an undemocratic act.

It may or may not agree with what Clarin published. But this careful about basic human rights, which is free speech, freedom of information, private property and freedom of movement.

What is striking, and troubling, is that these movements are covered by the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is this government who has taken the flag of human rights, freedom and that the citizens can freely choose their information.

Argentina, is walking very close to the political conceptions of the 70. Where intolerance leads to an attitude of social violence.

Personally, I am very critical of the Clarin group, about how they treat the news. Andsome are not treated.

But I think there is a setback for democracy in the “society” in Argentina. the government should be the defender of the free circulation of newspapers. In otherwords, must respect the freedom of thinking.



From midnight, a group of more than 100 people blocked the entrance and exit of trucks to the printing plant of the newspaper Clarín, streets and Magaldi Zepita in the neighborhood of Barracks. Meanwhile, up and force the measure also prevented the exit of the newspaper La Nacion. Despite a court ruling, the judge Gastón Olivera Polo, which prohibits such acts, and directs the Police and the Department of Homeland Security to avoid “the protesters remain in place. Hydrants and cars from the Federal Police patrol, they observe, but do notact.

In telephone communication with the channel TN, Martin Etchevers, external communications manager of Grupo Clarin, stated that “this is the fifth block of the newspaper printing plants, since November. ” Etchevers also recalled that “there are two court decisions “which refer to the illegality of this type of locks, which “ordered the security forces, in the person of (the Minister of National Security) Nilda Garre, to avoid these measures.”

According to the newspaper Clarin reported on its website, despite the express injunction, including an order addressed to the Security minister, Nilda Garre,complying with this ruling, the security forces did not act.

The newspaper also points out that one patrol of the “Precinct 30” with two officers on board, was installed on the street Zepita, well away from Magaldi, where the plants of both newspapers.

About Zepita y Luna, an aggressive group, which does not belong to a-protesters started a fire in a trash container, which also affected neighboring trees. Reprimanded by residents of the nearby village agreed to extinguish the fire, but remained in thearea.

The media added that the group that held the gate, came with young kids including babies, chairs, food and beverage, apparently with the intention to spend several hours there. And also put together a tent where they installed the smallest and their mothers.

It also states that the incident occurred around midnight, but an hour before the state agency Telam took for granted taking place in the press reports 35, issued at 22.30.

The newspaper added that this block, as on previous occasions, came after Clarín and other media published information about the complicated legal situation of the truck leader, Hugo Moyano, who heads the Federation, chairman of the CGT, whose son Paul led the union carrier.

In the last week, a judicial warrant arrived from Switzerland to Argentina Foreign Ministry referred to criminal proceedings for money laundering against Ruben Depresbiteris, Covelia holder, who is considered a very friend of Moyano.

This reacted with the threat of a strike, but it was never fulfilled. Luis Siri, who introduced himself as representing the picketers had told Telam that would keep the strike and that “if the company does not agree to work demands, the Clarin newspaper will not come on Sunday.”

In the first minutes of the day, the number of campers grew slowly. The action was peaceful and safe family banners identificatory AGR workers and the Union membership Bonaerense Graphics, text only flyers were insulting to newspaper executives.


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