Andreas Lie: Incredible Double Exposures photography

When Norwegian artist Andreas Lie digitally merges two unique photographs, he is able to create stunning works of art. Lie designs his creations with a double exposure that places captivating scenes from nature within the bodies of wild animals. While the images are brilliantly surreal, they also have a realistic quality to them, since the photographs of tree-covered landscapes tend to resemble the texture of animal fur.

The imaginative artist lives in Bergen, Norway, which is a coastal city surrounded by seven majestic mountains. These surroundings no doubt have an influence on his environmental artwork, since mountains, woods, water, and even the Northern Lights have been featured in Lie’s breathtaking images.


Sites of Andreas Lie:

Andreas Lie’s Facebook
Andreas Lie’s Tumblr
Andreas Lie’s Instagram
Andreas Lie’s Society6 Store


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