Argentina a country downhill

In Argentina they are living difficult days.


For example, a friend of mine has to buy drugs for eye surgery and no stock in Argentina. Neither can order. Tell suppliers that import is closed and will enter a queue. As if health could be expected.
This friend, traveled to Chile.In an ingenious adventure could pass money for smuggling (of pesos) through customs. Quite an ordeal and dangerous.
He bought the drug in Chile and had surgery there.

Yesterday, I contacted three suppliers of Apple in Argentina. All offer, in dollars with a 30 to 50 percent more than in Mexico. But products are not. Even with the dollars in hand, no stock. Nor are computers, known brands. Like Dell, HP, Sony, etc..

The other day I burned an electric source of a server Sun. No Replacement in Argentina. Sun representatives in Argentina were very clear. Dijiero I try to fix with an electrical engineer. No import. The server is turned off there.

In conclusion, the first problem is that the import is closed.

I can not travel abroad. Well I can not get dollars.

The U.S. currency is offered in banks ($ 4.55 pesos). But only on the bulletin boards. Not sold dollars.
In the black market the dollar is at $ 6 pesos.

But that’s not all.
If I have to travel abroad, I must inform the collection agency from federal taxes. And my travel agent must certify my trip.

Yes!. Sounds like we are in a dictatorship.
The truth is we are not far away.

Travelling abroad can only be done if you have enough credit on the card. And the Tax Agency told that you have adequate income to travel.
If you saved money under the pillow … will be very difficult.
You will have to grapple to a Nazi-like swarm, so they can get a ticket.

And the president says … rather, he says nothing.
In his presentation “journalistic” only tells us what she means. But do not we care … as we do to travel abroad, as we do to buy, invest, export, …, to live.

As a dictatorship, Chavez style. The president speaks only national radio and television. There speaks and no one asks. And their seats are only the complacent commoners.

And to finish the situation: the inflation.
Inflation is officially in June was 0.7%. But private economists say that last month was 5%. They add that the projection is a 25-30% annual inflation.

But let’s throw out the official economist and opponents.
I am a witness, from the supermarket shelf. And the prices are 30% more expensive than earlier this year.
No feeling, no replicate what they say. It’s what I’m suffering every day.

cristina kirchner

And what bothers me above all is the attitude of the government of Cristina Kirchner.
Is completely authoritarian. No dialogue.
Admittedly, that opposition politicians do not have all the lights.

But the measures taken by the president are of confrontation. It makes us face Argentines against Argentines. And the measures are not like that, only serve to benefit their corrupt friends.

Since the government only talk about the great power of the media and that they do is criticize the government.
But the government does not listen, not dialogue. Just does what it tells menopause.

Again, I do not what I heard or read it. I see how many people have difficulties in day to day. As a normal person can not buy clothes iron (not manufactured locally). I see farmers leave their machines in the warehouses of their farms because there are no spare parts. I see people make the adventures of a surgery or get imported drugs.

I see a country with a president elected by 54% and became a dictator.

I see a societies on the verge of exploding. I hope our leaders will realize before it explodes.

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