Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay withdraw their ambassadors from Paraguay

Mercosur countries, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, took the first step against Paraguay in retaliation for the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo in an unprecedented impeachment trial that lasted 24 hours.

Argentina yesterday withdrew its ambassador in Asuncion Rafael Roma, while Uruguay and Brazil called for consultations with their respective ambassadors. Consultation is a step prior to retirement, which is a measure of protest more severe in diplomatic relations.

“Faced with the serious institutional developments occurring in the Republic of Paraguay, which culminated in the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo constitutional and democratic order, the Argentine government has ordered the immediate withdrawal of its ambassador in Asuncion,” said a statement from the Argentina Chancellery, released yesterday.

The document notes that the diplomatic representation shall be provided by a charge d’affaires “until order is restored democracy in that country.” For Argentina, Paraguay was a coup.

Meanwhile, Brazil yesterday called its ambassador to Paraguay, Eduardo dos Santos, to protest the impeachment of President Lugo, determined by Congress. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry condemned the “rite summary” on the dismissed Lugo, a brief political trial in which “was not properly secured the right to defend” and considered that the procedure “committed the fundamental pillar of democracy, essential for regional integration “.

Moreover, Uruguay questioned the speed and urgency of the proceedings for the impeachment of Lugo, because not consistent with the essential guarantees of due process, given the tight deadlines and still have not completed the investigation of unfortunate events of last June 15 in Curuguaty.

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