We’re not talking about an exotic location.
Non-European high-powered money in search of sex tourism, this monstrosity that we associate with mothers suffering distant countries who sell their children for coins.

It happens here in the heart of Buenos Aires, in the Alto Palermo Shopping, according to the complaint of Cronica TV channel. Sometimes fifty dollars, sometimes hundreds, is what they get the kids off the street to have sex in the toilets of the shopping center.

Is it okay if I say that violate them? Violate men between 25 and 30. The youngest are 8 years old, are part of “blight” that daily stop at the door of McDonald, on Calle Arenales. As say on Radio America, this is not a case of free choice of sexuality, but an aberrant crime. They are kids with family problems. Most are drug buy with that money Poxiran cans.

Everything has to do with everything. The “Plan Winter” ends today. It seems that for some people, there is no poverty in September. The parador CAINA (Comprehensive Care Center for Children and Adolescents) government of the city, located on Paseo Colon 1366, will no longer receive the kids. “The level of cruelty that represents this measure is absolutely unprecedented, unbelievable. The Secretariat of Social Promotion throws kids into the street with all the dangers that implies, they removed the only place where they had a shelter, “says John Gabrois, a lawyer for the NGO La Alameda and Excluded Workers Movement.

Child victims of sexual abuse inside the Shopping seeking shelter because they have nowhere else to bathing, eating and sleeping at night.

It’s chilling to know that only a few meters at the same time of insult to the innocent, people¬† thinking what to consume.

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