Argentina: Land of intolerance. The government promotes violence

Argentina’s long been going through a climate of intolerance.
What happened in the 2010 edition of the Book Fair, maximum event where writers, journalists and intellectually present their publications. This event is one of the largest in Latin America.

A confrontation between people who attended the launch of “Indek: intimate story of a scam,” Gustavo Noriega, was held at the Book Fair. Noriega’s work is critical of the survey data conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).
During the meeting, which had as guests the deputy Claudio Lozano, the former worker Cynthia Pok INDEC and Beatriz Sarlo, an audience member said that he disagreed with the book.
INDEC workers present in the compound and a group opposed to 10 or 15 people who were against the book, entered the room Julio Cortázar Fair and started a fight.
The escalation of violence came to the sillazos and shocks. The attackers were members of the bloated “The Perales” soccer club Nueva Chicago and political operatives. Among the politicians was the son of Gustavo Ochoa, Secretary General of the Association of Personal Finance Market, a place to stomp Guillermo Moreno (Secretary of Commerce).

To this we must add incidents in the book launch of the Cuban dissident Hilda Molina. She presented a book which tells the truth from the Castro regime. She is a Cuban neurosurgeon was able to leave the island thanks to the intervention of Argentina’s Foreign Ministry.

During the book presentation, members of leftist groups allied to the Cuban government stopped the sale with boos and all kinds of outcry against the Cuban dissident.

Hilda Molina told the press that this event was organized by the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires

The case of Gustavo Noriega, is a clear example of the policy of repression and move against press freedom promoted by the government.

Still, I’ve just been traveling and I was in Buenos Aires. And among the people, in bars and squares, no doubt: the incidents were fueled by the presidential couple, cuddles foreign tourists what they say.

Argentina, already live in a climate of intolerance. That is creating a climate of instability, in order to justify harsh measures by Kirchner. This is the feeling that the media still taste, but can not say.
To seek a troubled social climate? I do not know, but as the saying goes: a troubled waters, fishermen gain.

Video: Incidents in the book “Indek: intimate story of a scam”

Video: Incidents in the presentation of the book Cuban ladisidente Hilda Molina

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