It’s hard to put this title covers my country.
But no other. As we say in Argentina: “The bread, bread. And wine, wine.”

If you ask me what happens, I think it is simple to explain. Corruption in my country is very large. So is in the U.S. In the north country a couple of million dollars bow to congressional and public officials.
Multinationals, not repair anything. They do not do that managers can get involved and end up prisoners. And now the multinationals are not run by people, are anonymous. They have no morals. Only administrators have technicians profit maximizers.
Apple is a great company. But if their notebooks were contaminated aluminum, sure Steve Jobs (RIP), would not have allowed. First, that Steve Jobs, was conducted in all respects to Apple and was a person with a moral (like all). And second, for their morale.
Monsanto does not.

Monsanto’s aggressive promotion of its biotechnology products made ​​from the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to soya “Roundup Ready” cotton varieties and their resistance to insects, is in the eyes of any observer as a continuation of their long ethically questionable practices decades. Argentina and the United States are two of the few countries that still allow the use of recombinant bovine growth hormone, rBGH.

And Argentina’s largest dairy farms continue to use despite the fact that, since 1996 (National Press Club Washington DC, January 23, 1996) is known to cause colon cancer, prostate and breast. Later, Canadian scientists (1998) found that cows treated with rBGH suffer from mastitis, infertility and exhaustion. Even Monsanto acknowledged that rBGH-injected cows “are subject to further these purposes” as well as cystic ovaries, uterus and digestive disorders and ulcers (for which the milk is bombarded with antibiotics).

The most serious are the consequences for human health and the growth factor-1, IGF-1, is chemically identical to human cattle. Specifically: European research and concluded that rBGH causes cancer of breast and prostate cancer in humans.

Do you have known who died of cancer? Have you noticed the increase in cancer cases in recent years?. Multiple studies worldwide, many of which were brought to justice where Monsanto defeated independent researchers, found that causes Bovine Growth Hormone IGF-1 levels in the extreme upper normal range, directly influencing the development of tumors.

The scientists found that Bovine Growth Hormone cause cancer of the prostate, breast, colorectal (colon) and other cancers.

The use of rBGH is allowed in the United States and Argentina. Instead, it is prohibited in Canada, the European Union, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. But the Argentine businessmen continue to poison people.
La Serenissima of Mastellone Hnos. SA (using milk from industrial dairies that apply to dairy cows rBGH)
Sancor of Sancor Coop. Unidas Ltda. (using milk from industrial dairies that apply to dairy cows rBGH)

[box type=”info”] If you have small children, at least feed them certified BGH free Milk, Organic Milk or Organic/BGM free milk equivalent like Organic soy milk[/box]



Genetically engineered Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH/BST) in your milk

Why is BGH is banned in Europe and Canada? Mad Cows Disesase Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (Thanks to barryr666 for this contribution.)


[1] In 1991, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton took home over $200,000 from her Senior Partner position in the Rose Law firm.

[2] [Michael Taylor], Monsanto attorney at Burson Marsteller who rewrote the food laws for “substantial equivalence” policy at USDA, now at PEW Biotech group.

[3] “…In March 1994, [Michael] Taylor was publicly exposed as a former lawyer for the Monsanto corporation for seven years…”

In addition, he served as Administrator of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service from 1994 to 1996. RFF’s (Resources for the Future, Washington think tank) Director of Risk, Resource, and Environmental Management is Michael R. Taylor, Monsanto’s former vice-president for public policy who was at the centre of a major controversy over conflicts of interest in relation to Monsanto’s genetically engineered drug rBGH

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