Nearly three months after surgery Railway of Buenos Aires (TBA) and shock in Once, the Government announced this afternoon the termination of the concession contractto operate rail services Sarmiento and Mitre lines.

The government took three months to make the decision that all discounted: blame Trains of Buenos Aires (TBA) of railway mismanagement that has engulfed Argentina for years. It was far easier than had at hand the Casa Rosada. A kind of turn the page, leave as a bad guy to TBA and advance a fresh start. As if any officer would have had nothing to do with what happens today in Argentine rails.

A train crashed, 51 people were killed, 700 injured and thousands raised their voicesfor the state of neglect that is the railway system across the country. How to react tosuch unrest?, Asked the Government those hours after the tragedy. The formula was simple. First victimize. The first reaction was to try putting the state as a victim and notresponsible. Constituted as a prosecutor in a criminal case is a figure that allows theparty to seek testing and access to the file. The Buenos Aires Federal poured cold water on the issue and decided that it was inappropriate. One way or another told theofficials that better to have them in the path of the potential defendants in the victims.

After called for the resignation to then Secretary of Transportation, Juan Pablo Schiavi. He was one of the secretaries of Planning Minister Jose Maria Olazagasti, who told the secretary that his hour had come. Not heard any criticism by the tragedy that just hours before had occurred. Applause and cheers in the middle, took Alejandro Ramos.

Meanwhile, the company was still operating with a weak intervention decreed moments after the crash. The only thing that actually made ​​the designated official, Raul Baridó, was to compile data, surveys, complaints and the company plans and the National Transport Commission had submitted made for years. Everyone knew the problem was brewing in the railway and warned everyone. But each of the initiatives crashed into the same wall: the lack of long-term planning in railway.

Officials, businessmen and regulators continued to dance on the train rails scrap subsidies music millionaires. But one day the melody stopped and killed 51 people. And you have to show any reaction. And so it was that three months later, the Government will seek, at least in the discursive, wash their sins by taking the grant to a group that is united by businesses ranging far beyond the branches Sarmiento and Mitre Railway.

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