Argentina: The day in Córdoba we had at the mercy of criminals


It was 10:30 on Tuesday. The radio and gave news about the police abandoned the province of the city streets.
At work at 17:00 the news flew through the local radio stations about incidents of looting in the city of Córdoba, the capital of the province.
At 21:00 pm I got home. I looked in the provincial TV channels and national information, nothing. Only relayed radios, barbarism being carried out.

Just at midnight, the news took on national importance.

Group of criminals on motorcycles and cars going to supermarkets , shops and commercial premises destroying doors and stealing whatever they could. Here they can find on the map the many trouble spots .

Points on the map represent large trades, but the criminals destroyed everything. Even family homes, clubs and organizations such as Caritas (church service helps the humble).

Late Nighttook advantage and looted small shops and large supermarket chains. They were more organized. In the cover of night they could reduce with fire gunshots to the low custody.

Already in the early morning traders responded. They armed themselves with guns on the roofs of the local.

Ordinary people, was at home. You scared. They closed windows and doors. Screams, gunshots and roaring engines were from the streets.

In Rio Cuarto, second largest city of the province of Córdoba, the streets were deserted and only circulated at high speed motorcycles. In my town they stole LCD in supermarkets, motorbikes of sales agency.

Already in the morning, and were following the riots daylight barbarism was observed a turbulent night. Not only stolen, also broke windows, squares and parked cars.

Police throughout those 18 hours was in their barracks. They did it as a protest for higher wages.

The politicians were conspicuous by their inefficiency, their selfishness. It mattered little the people.

The governor of Cordoba, was unable to enforce the duty of the police to maintain order. Was traveling in Panama, he had to return urgently. But his ministers, and vice governor, showed an inability to this crisis. During those 18 hours of terror never talked to the press.

They say the newspapers, that the governor tried to communicate with the federal ministers. Federal ministos say they never contacted. The truth is that hardly matters.
The national forces are 50 km from the capital. They were listening to the radio and then television. Matter if the governor called or not?

There were two deaths. One person was a heart attack. Another killed by a criminal merchant. The point is that the police can never abandon the streets. The lives of people and their belongings are at stake.

The second issue is that politicians, like cops, are there to enforce the law. If you are inept because they quit. The political meanness, is part of the game. But there are limits: the life of the persons in the hands of criminals and opportunist who made ​​his big night, for political mistakes.
The federal government was very wrong. I leave to abandon the citizens of Córdoba not sending federal forces, again just 50 km of the city​​. Like Cordoba, were not part of Argentina.

Finally, society is wrong. As you might not fulfill the law and respect our neighbors by the fact that the police were not patrolling the streets. I can kill, because I have no police? I can steal, because there is no patrol watching? Social fabric that we have in Cordoba?
Surely this is a sign of bad education policy and social assistance from the provincial and federal government.

The province of Cordoba on Tuesday night lost the tradition of a province dedicated to the production, university activities and harmonious social activity.

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