Argentina: The Nation crippled by a strike by truckers

This morning at the gas station, Río Cuarto - Argentina

This morning at the gas station, Río Cuarto – Argentina

Last night I was watching the show “A Dos Voces” for TN channel,  that says it is not pro government of Cristina Kirchner.

In interview, head of the CGT, Hugo Moyano, Chief General Confederation of Labour and reference man of movement concerning transport workers, announced a strike until Friday of every branch of transport in Argentina.

Last night, he had news of missing gas in some cities that depend on Liquefied Gas for home use.

This morning, I went to get fuel for my vehicle and had to wait over 1 hour in a city of 130,000 inhabitants.Employees, warned me that at least until Sunday there will be no fuel. As long as the strike ends on Friday. Speaking for TE, with friends this morning. Sees the same situation throughout the interior of Argentina.

The claim of Hugo Moyano, a 30% increase in salaries and increased minimum income to avoid paying the income tax.

Hugo Moyano, until last year was an important ally in the political machine of Cristina Kirchner.

Thinking the news, on the union side, shows how much power you have the transport union. It can immobilize an entire nation in just 12 hours.

It also reveals a lack of political capacity of the ministers. Since the strike was declared or conceived during the time that the President Kirchner was traveling to G-20 and Rio + G20. I had to advance his return.

But in my opinion, the political side of this situation is wagging its tail.
Hugo Moyano, hurt by the withdrawal of heat from power. He faces the current president to demonstrate his power and send the message as needed to continue governing.

Now I believe that by struggles sectoral unions or political power struggle can not be held hostage the ordinary citizens.

More with the approach of winter, where lack of fuel and gas is very important. And where the lack of these inputs is felt much more humble people.

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