Argentina: Tragedy in a train crash in Flores

At least 9 dead and 212 wounded, several serious is the balance fatal accident this morning featuring two Sarmiento line trains and a bus line 92 in the neighborhood of Flores. On the site this afternoon continued work to remove the bodies of two victims and the expert to try to determine how the tragedy occurred.

The accident happened at exactly 6.23, when a train ran over the group and, after dragging several feet, crashed into another formation, police and company trains Buenos Aires (TBA).

In the work place SAME ambulances and firefighters. By midmorning there were no casualties trapped and tasks focused on the recovery of the bodies of those killed. “Firefighters are working to the letter cutting and moving forward,” Commissioner Federal Police major Omar Bravo, who acknowledged that it is a “very slow and dangerous work.”

One of the last to be pulled alive was the driver of a train that had been trapped between the bars, but after at least two hours of personal work of firefighters rescued him. Among those killed is the driver of the group, confirmed this morning by the Transport Secretary, Juan Pablo Schiavi.

The injured were taken to hospitals Alvarez, PiƱero, Santojanni and Duran. The Federal Police spokesman, Fernando Sostre, said from the scene, which involved “more than 50 ambulances and 10 fire crews” and that because of the seriousness of the work will be in place at least “until noon “. He also stated that among the injured are children. Alvarez Hospital canceled all shifts a day and only get a train accident injuries.

Confirmed that television networks were taken at four medical centers 162 injured, while not ruling that the figure could increase as much as the dead, and that until the culmination of the work of removal can not be confirmed if there are more bodies trapped. Encouragingly, in the misfortune is that, so far, there are no reported missing.

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