Some vaccines National Calendar are missing. Parents have to wander through different application centers to get them. What’s going on? While Buenos Aires legislator Graciela Ocaña awarded the problem “to the policies of import barriers imposed by the government”, the Ministry of Health yesterday issued a statement in which it acknowledged the bottleneck, but attributed to production problems two European laboratories. The text says that anyway no problems to get vaccinated at any point of the country.

According to the national portfolio, “laboratories producing acellular combined vaccines (Glaxo Smith Klein and Sanofi Pasteur) reported difficulties in production, including the acellular situation quadruple and quintuple acellular acellular sixfold.” It is to be applied vaccinations before two years of age. Although the ministry recognized the missing, he said it has enough stock and that is still being distributed in 24 jurisdictions. Also, being private institutions providing vaccine “cell quintuple” and Sabin to replace the missing in the market.

The press officer of the Stamboulian Foundation, which has several vaccination centers, Liliana Moreno, endorsed the official version: “We have vaccines like the quintuple and sextuple, which are the latest generation problems of these laboratories.” But he said: “Yes we are getting those provided by the ministry, which are the same drugs of these vaccines, but require several punctures instead of one. They are older vaccines. “Moreno said that no boy will not be vaccinated and that the situation would be solved in a month and a half.

On the opposite sidewalk, Ocaña linked the problem to other complications that are taking place in the health sector and yet remain silent. “Many do not dare to speak because they know the tightening policies of this government, but we have received reports of shortages of vaccines and cancer patients, for example, they can not get their drugs in the usual time”,  he complained.

According to the legislator, laboratories and social work recognize this in private meetings, but fear speak out in public. “This is because the government does not authorize payments or currency lock the rotation, so that deliveries are suspended. Spend as much drugs as the entry of spare parts for equipment of social work, such as mammography”, said Ocaña yesterday.

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