Most of us send email daily. I send mail very frequently to my business purpose. One day I have faced a big problem when I want to attach a large file in my mail. It takes lots of time and I also observed that it consume my internet speed. Then I am trying to search in the net that how can I attach and send large file from my email. I think this will works for all mailing platform.
I use software named WinMend File Splitter. This software split the attached file in many blocks and attached each block quickly. I suggest you to try this and share it with your friends. Now I show you step by step how can you use this software.
Step 1 : Download WinMend File Splitter from HERE. Then install it and run the WinMend File Splitter software.
Step 2 : Then decide which file you want to split. Then select your decide file as a source file. Select another file where your splited file save after split process.
Step 3 : You can select how many split you want. After selecting the split number then click the SPLIT button.
Step 4 : Then attached the split files which you saved after split process.
I think now you can attach large file in you mail very easily and quickly. Thanks for reading my blog and if you have any query please put it in the comment box.

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