On april 13 the newspaper El Pais has published a story that brought a photo that hasshocked me.

It was an article about the XXVIII Premios Ortega y Gasset, who has led thephotographer Cristobal Manuel to the best of photojournalism. I’m glad!

The picture seems impressive. Technical perfection is not what most strikes me in this case, but the strength of the image. When you see one can not help but feel the desolation that lived (and surely still lives) in Haiti after theearthquake a year ago.

The photograph titled ”Young man walking naked through Port-au-Prince” was published in the country in January 2010.

The website of photographer http://cristobalmanuel.com/

You do not have too many pictures and information, but the photos you have,are worthwhile.

Here’s an article, to his remarks on the conduct of the photo: http://www.quesabesde.com/noticias/cristobal-manuel-con-texto-fotografico,1_6525

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