Best Book Apps for IPad & Iphone

There’s no shortage of book apps available for lovers of reading but you don’t need all of them. One can only read so much, after all. That’s why we’ve picked out the best of the best in reading apps. These are the ones with the largest libraries, best features, and the most bang for your buck. Check out our list to find out which ones made the cut.

  1. iBooks: Apple’s answer for books is every bit as awesome as you’d expect it to be. Use it to download classics and best-sellers from the iBookstore, then browse your library on a virtual bookshelf. Features include bookmarking, printable notes, quote sharing, and even multi-touch books designed for the iPad with interactive diagrams, photos, and videos. iBooks is fully integrated with iCloud as well, so your books and PDFs will be organized into your Collection, with bookmarks, highlights, notes, and more all up to date.
  2. Kindle: Amazon’s Kindle is a popular reading and multimedia tablet, but you don’t have to actually use the Kindle itself to enjoy the app. The Kindle app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and even Blackberry, keeping your book collection handy no matter what your device du jour. Get access to millions of books, newspapers, and magazines in the Kindle store, plus email PDFs and other documents to your device with a Send-to-Kindle email address. Once you’ve got it on your app, it will be waiting for you in the Amazon Cloud and kept up to date, with highlights, last pages read, notes, and more, on all of your devices with Whispersync technology. Some of Kindle’s coolest features include instant dictionary word lookup and the ability to search inside each book for characters, topics, and sections.
  3. Audiobooks: Not everyone has time to actually sit down and read a book, but it’s still fun to lose yourself in a good read. Thanks to Audible’s Audiobooks app, even the busiest among us can find time to squeeze in a few chapters with audiobooks, enjoying books while working out at the gym, commuting to work, or even cleaning the house. Audible’s app offers thousands of audiobooks, from classics to bestsellers, and even news. You can even navigate through chapters with bookmarking, change narration speed, and set a sleep mode so you can fall asleep reading, making this an full-featured audio reading app.
  4. Google Play Books: Another great reading platform, Google Play Books brings e-reading to your Android and iDevice with the immense power of the Google Books database. Google’s app has an impressive library, with more than four million books ranging from classics to New York Times bestsellers, including millions of free books. Plus, you can collect as many as you want with unlimited storage in the cloud. Reading on a few different devices? Google Plays has automatic page position syncing and even the option to read books offline. Once you’re done, you can archive books in their worry-free archive.
  5. Book Crawler: If you’re an avid book reader, you know it can be difficult to remember all of the books you’ve read and own. With Book Crawler, you can build a database of what you own, what you’ve already read, and which books you’d like to buy or check out from the library. This app allows you to upload your entire library just by scanning the ISBN barcode, so you’ll always know what you have. Plus, when you search for a book, you’ll be able to find summaries, reviews, and even library availability, making it easy to find your next great read. When you’re ready to read, Book Crawler allows you to link your favorite e-Book reader to get access to digital copies on your device.
  6. Nook: Nook earns a spot on our list because it’s ridiculously customizable. If you’re particular about the way your ebooks are displayed, this is the app for you. You can change the color, font, spacing, brightness, and margins to minimize eye strain and create your own ultimate reading environment. There are, of course, all of the usual features that you’d hope to have in an ereader, with notes, book search, dictionary lookup, highlights, and more.
  7. DC Comics: Although nothing can replace the time-honored weekly trip to the comic book store, popular comic book apps can help if you don’t have the time, money, or storage space to collect paper comic books. DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Dark Horse Comics all allow you to download comic books onto your mobile device and read on the go, with free comics as well as paid comics starting at 99 cents. Plus, you can enjoy the vast library offered by DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse anywhere you are, managing your collection through the apps, on your PC, laptop, or mobile device.
  8. Goodreads: The Goodreads site has become a staple for 21-century book lovers, with more than 10 million members adding more than 300 million books to their shelves. You can take Goodreads mobile with this app, using it to discover and share books not just for yourself, but with your friends. We love all of the possibilities offered, from keeping track of what you want to read, complete with a barcode scanner that you can use in stores, to adding books to your reading history so you’ll never forget the stories you’ve loved. Plus, Goodreads maintains popular book lists, so you can discover books not just from your friends, but from readers worldwide.
  9. Book Writer: Fancy yourself a writer? Create your own ebook on the go with this app. You can add text, photos, video, music, and even record your voice into the book, then share it via iTunes or email. Prefer a hard copy? You can create the book as a PDF and print it out. It’s perfect for baby books, journals, or budding writers.
  10. Shakespeare: Sure, you could lug around several heavy books in your bag and read all of Shakespeare’s extensive plays, sonnets, and poems. Or, you could save yourself the broken back and download this app instead. Enjoy the complete works of Shakespeare in painstakingly high-quality, plus awesome features including detailed scene breakdowns, word search, glossary, quotes, and even portraits of the man himself.
  11. Free Audiobooks: Another great resource for book lovers on the go, Free Audiobooks has nearly 5,000 different audiobooks available for a one-time app purchase. Public domain books come to life with the app’s beautiful original covers, and you’ll never have trouble finding a book to listen to, thanks to handpicked collections including Epic Epics, Mystery, and War.
  12. 3D Classic Literature Collection: Just like Free Audiobooks, 3D Classic Literature Collection offers a one-time app purchase that opens hundreds of book possibilities. Read classics including The Scarlet Letter, the Sherlock Holmes Collection, and even illustrated versions of Jane Eyre and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. With smart book sorting, the ability to view book details on the 3D shelf, and realistic 3D page turning, this app is essential for any lover of the classics.
  13. Instapaper: We’ve all found long articles, emails, and blogs that we’d love to read, but just can’t sit through right this second. But, you don’t want to forget about them, either. With Instapaper, you don’t have to. You’ll be able to save web pages for later offline reading, plus browse articles in Editor’s Picks, or that your friends have posted on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But that’s not all. When you save documents on Instapaper, you can enjoy distraction-free reading environment, losing most ads and layouts for an optimized view that puts the text first.
  14. Bluefire Reader: For the independent reader, Bluefire Reader is a great app, allowing you to read iPUB and PDF ebooks from around the world on a singular reader. It has almost all of the great features that the big guys have, with definition lookup, bookmarking, highlighting, exportable annotating, and even the option to share excerpts via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, if you have way too many books to keep track of, or just want to get organized, you can put your books into different collections.
  15. SnapTell: Love to shop for books in stores, but prefer to actually buy online? Get the best of both worlds by using SnapTell. Snap a photo of the cover of a book, and you’ll be able to get a rating, description, price comparisons, and more. You can even use it to remember to look up or purchase a book later, so it’s perfect if you’re just window shopping and want to really dig in later.

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