Big Miracle

Between Dolphin Tale and now this – formerly titled Everybody Loves Whales – you might be forgiven for thinking that Greenpeace was sponsoring a few upcoming films, since helping oceanic mammals is everywhere right now. Take a look at the trailer for what is now called Big Miracle over at Apple.

Miracle is based on the 1988 true story of three gray whales that became trapped in pack ice near Alaska’s Point Barrow community. When the local natives discovered the creatures, they worked to try to fee them, but when that initial effort failed, the nearby media (and then the world) got involved, eventually leading to a previously unheard of collaboration between the United States and Russia.

The film shifts a few of the elements around, and stars John Krasinski as a news reporter who first breaks word of the whales’ plight. He ropes in Drew Barrymore’s environmental crusader, and that sets the dominoes falling for everything else that happens as she tries to convince the governor (Stephen Root) to find an ice-breaking ship…

While Everybody Loves Whales was a slightly clunky title, we’re not 100% convinced that Big Miracle is better – and it leaves out the cetacean aspect all together. Still, people do love big creatures being helped, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Big Miracle will sail on to screens on February 10.

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