A young Brazilian woman was raped by 30 men in a Rio de Janeiro favela. Your video was uploaded to Facebook. Now it is threatened with death.

Brazilian teenager who was raped by 30 men in Rio de Janeiro and that shocked Brazilian society, reported that currently suffers death threats. “I can not leave my house for anything in my Facebook there are 900 thousand messages from people he says that if I enter a favela they will kill me”, said the girl during an interview with TV Globo without showing his face and voice distorted not be recognized.

“I wish the rapists have a daughter”, said the teenager before describing some moments of the crime he was the victim last week in a Rio de Janeiro favela. “I had a man under me, one above and other holding me” while he was humiliated with insults like “spider, hobo”.

Meanwhile the Institute of Public Security reported that 13 rapes per day in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in the state, just over two months that the Olympic Games are held are recorded.

Collective rape suffered this young man began to be investigated since last Wednesday, when many people denounced the circulation of a video on social networks in which the teenager appeared naked and passed out, his genitals bleeding. While the author of the recording narrated that she was raped by at least 30 people.

According to the authorities, in addition to sexual violence it is a “police culture” that tends to blame the victim because of “sexist” bias of the corporation. Abused Young said he felt uncomfortable just at the police station where he was questioned by Commissioner Alessandro Thiers,

“The commissioner himself blamed me, I did not feel comfortable at any time in the interrogation, I think that’s why women do not make allegations” of rapes, he said. “It was horrible what happened in the delegation, asked me why I was in that place, blamed me things I did not, I was asked if I had group sex”, ┬áhe said.

Fernando Veloso, head of the police investigations of Rio de Janeiro, said it would investigate the conduct of his subordinate Thiers, which will be separated from the case temporarily.

Meanwhile this weekend feminist organizations held demonstrations and repudiated the lack of women in the new cabinet of interim President Michel Temer, who last week ordered a “thorough” investigation.

The representative of UN Women in Brazil repudiated two cases of gang rape of teenage registered in recent weeks. “Besides being young women, these barbarians cases are similar in the fact that the two teenagers were attracted by their victimizers in premeditated plots and were violently attacked in a context of illicit drug use”, ┬ásays the representative of UN Women Brazil, Nadine Gasman.

UN warns of the “revictimization” that women can suffer in these cases by “social exposure of the victim and crime, including images and videos on social (…) networks, in actions that violate the respect and the dignity of victims, such as lack of privacy, blame and moral judgments based on prejudice and sexist discrimination “.

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