More than 60 million people pay for their Spotify

And 140 million, between stingy and non-stingy, use it monthly. Spotify is a monster. Although the service is not perfect, it has managed to get into the heart of users who see it almost as a necessity and this is reflected in that they already reached 60 million paying users. The company updated its numbers […]

Shigeto: Lineage

The front cover includes a photo of Shigeto’s great grandfather’s house from 1916 in Hiroshima, Japan. The back cover includes a photo of his great grandfather, Shigeto Ohmura, at the Amache Internment Camp in Grenada, Colorado after his family was transfered from Tule Lake Internment Camp. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent […]

Perfect Day

A perfect day begins with look at yourself. The next video is ”Perfect Day” perfomed by the group Scala. Perfect Day – Lou Reed (1972) Just A Perfect Day, Drink Sangria In The Park, And Then Later, When It Gets Dark, We Go Home. Just A Perfect Day, Feed Animals In The Zoo Then Later, A Movie, Too, And Then Home. Oh It’s Such A Perfect Day, I’m […]

July in Argentina: The need for and nature sounds

In Argentina, the second half has been very cold. This means that I have held in the warmth of my home. There one can do many things. But the peace inevitably leads to reflection. In the important things in life. Today I received a beautiful video of barryr666. Finish expressing my mood. The video corresponds to Adagio […]