Batman Artworks

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Light Art Animation

This is a great short animation that would have taken so long. Despite the  fact that it has been done a million times before I am really interested to play around with long exposure and create a similar effect as I have never attempted it, so to satisfy this, I am going to do some tests with […]

Howto: KVM Server Virtualization

I want to virtualize a server from scratch. I have a server in mind already, but I don’t want to bother with virtualizing it directly since it is running on a dated OS.  I figure I will build a new VM in parallel on some spare hardware and then migrate the image over to my […]

Investing in companies or countries

Which is more predictable over the next three years: the future of a private company or the future of the owners country? The question matters Because an investor can buy a basket of stocks – called an ETF – particularly from a country in the same way one would buy stock in just one company. […]

Methane Under Antarctica

The Antarctic is inhospitable to the best of us because of dry air, brutal blizzards, and very cold temperatures. However, you have to think about this again, especially after you know that there might be 4 billion metric tons of methane- a potent greenhouse gas- under the continent. In the latest studies, researchers discovered huge […]

Olympic Flame

Olympic Flame, originally uploaded by martinpsamuels.

Obesity in America and Sushi

There are lots of factors which all have resulted in the expanding obesity of the American citizenry. Jobs are less physically demanding. Spare-time activities are much less physically active. Less active amusement is amazingly alluring, and calorie packed unhealthy foods are always at hand. As a consequence, most adults, at some point or another, tackle […]

Imagination and Creation: David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is an amazing illustrator and digital artist from Switzerland. The Surrealist theme to his work seems reminiscent of Salvador Dali, especially Fuhrer’s work entitled “Red Apple”. “Drug Free Zone” has a beautiful, traveling composition. The way it leads you from one section of the painting to the next is magical. I love the […]

Shigeto: Lineage

The front cover includes a photo of Shigeto’s great grandfather’s house from 1916 in Hiroshima, Japan. The back cover includes a photo of his great grandfather, Shigeto Ohmura, at the Amache Internment Camp in Grenada, Colorado after his family was transfered from Tule Lake Internment Camp. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent […]

Rain and Passion in Red

Raised by an artistically gifted family near the Caspian Sea in southern Russia, Andre Kohn’s childhood was marked by the natural splendor of mountains and sea, and by an unfettered access to all the creative arts. Kohn’s parents also encouraged their son to draw on any surface-including the wallpaper in their home-which they simply re-papered […]