Vladimir Fedotko – When life is like a circus

Born in Leningrad, photographer and photo manipulator Vladimir Fedotko currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. After discovering Adobe Photoshop in 2005, Fedotko has used a combination of traditional drawing, photography and computer processing to create his unique images. More artworks on:

The Fine Artist’s Dilemma

Jill Greenberg is an American photographer famous for her ‘fine art’ studio portraits. Her work is relatively unique due to her elaborate use of a ‘painting with light technique’ when editing her images. This effect generally works best with exaggerated facial expressions, which led to the production of her most controversial work End Times. For this series […]

Rare jaguar sighting in Southern Arizona

KOLD report with hunter who photographed it – CLICK HERE

Photographers in Google +

In my timeline of Google + excellent photographers have appeared.
I leave the best picture I’ve found and their profiles.
Enjoy it

The renaissance of Hallesches Tor – Berlin – Graffitis

The following pictures come from Hallesches Tor, a neighborhood in East Berlin. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the broken window theory, which states that graffiti and other types of building defamation encourage further vandalism and promote an environment leading to offenses that are more serious. However, in this neighborhood the opposite occurred. Many well-known […]

Mr. Magee’s work

Mr. Magee’s work like many of the street artists is big. They are our Cistene Chapels, our murals. Mr. Magee works in a realistic style. And they look to be real attention grabbers when you’re travelling down the street. The pieces work better on these large scales. Reduced to a computer screen they are not as […]

Landscapes – The wonders of the earth in Video

This video shared it via Google + Susan Cooper. The creator is Dustin Farrell, words abound.

Mozilla Firefox 7 Final

Reviewing the mozilla ftp servers, I found the final version of firefox 7, in this version is reduced by up to 60% memory consumption, being that the navigation is smooth. This version also brings improved performance as Direct2D Azure, in which the HTML5 work better, improved synchronization service, Firefox Sync, which also accelerates the process […]