Georgia O’Keeffe: When the flowers are more beautiful

Is one of the American painter, one of the most celebrated painters of the United States. More than 500 examples of his work is found in more than 100 public collections in Asia, Europe and North and Central America. And because his work was exhibited for the first time in New York in 1916, has […]

Perfect Day

A perfect day begins with look at yourself. The next video is ”Perfect Day” perfomed by the group Scala. Perfect Day – Lou Reed (1972) Just A Perfect Day, Drink Sangria In The Park, And Then Later, When It Gets Dark, We Go Home. Just A Perfect Day, Feed Animals In The Zoo Then Later, A Movie, Too, And Then Home. Oh It’s Such A Perfect Day, I’m […]

Oils of a reality

The painting is to portray a person, landscape or circumstance that the artist perceives or believe in his imaginary world. Paco Pomet, shows his oils to refresh the reality. Are almost photographs. The finishing touches of painting and drawing and the position of the elements that makes us thinkabout the times and places that tries to recreate or represent.                                                

When the artistic beauty demonstrated in the lips

It is the time of the lips, kisses and love. Now that I think when the season is notabout those things? Although you never had to do plastic surgery to make your lipsbigger, definitely you have done to hang in the bathroom from time to time with a bagof sugar and a slice of lemon, doing what needed to be viewed large. I think women,their lips are really the only part of their body they want to do bigger. The artwork was made by Paige Thomas. Interestingly all lips were painted with colorful animal shapes. Enjoy it.

Nudity in art

Tim Marlow, British art historian has produced a series of four programs that addresses our fascination with the subject of nude subjects in art. He says, “The nude was not always ‘sexy’.” In part one, we meet perhaps the first work of art to depict a nude subject, a 25,000 year old miniature statue that […]

Street Art in Buenos Aires

San Telmo, the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires, is known for antique stores, milongas, cobblestone streets, traditional cafés and old school parrillas.  A barrio where the retro-cool hardcore kids live in their high ceiling, historic apartments.  My favorite thing about San Telmo? It houses some of the best street art in the city.  Ditch the […]