Public ethics: the conflict of interests, under the carpet

I do not know any code of behavior, ethics and / or conduct that lacks a section called “conflict of interest”, and it is not chance. If there is a problem that can harm an organization is the personal interest of any of its members over... Read More

Do you consider good that the law provides protections for women?

Human rights are inherent attributes of a person, by its mere status of being without distinction of age, race, sex, nationality or social class. Human rights have the following characteristics: Universality: are inherent in all people, in all... Read More

Vladimir Fedotko – When life is like a circus

Born in Leningrad, photographer and photo manipulator Vladimir Fedotko currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. After discovering Adobe Photoshop in 2005, Fedotko has used a combination of traditional drawing, photography and computer... Read More

Lukanikos, the dog anarchist in Greece (+ photos, video)

On Wednesday the protests turned to the streets in the capital of Greece, after months of protests over the economic crisis that the European country is going through. However, this note aims to LukaNikos protagonist, a mongrel dog who since 2008 has... Read More

Argentina Milk causes cancer of the colon, breast and prostate

It’s hard to put this title covers my country. But no other. As we say in Argentina: “The bread, bread. And wine, wine.” If you ask me what happens, I think it is simple to explain. Corruption in my country is very large. So is in the... Read More