Amazing circle found in a field of Las Perdices, Argentina – Aliens?

Neighbors describe it as “a perfect circle 25 meters in diameter.” Neitherproducers nor laborers fail to explain how it could have originated. Some, andspeculate a UFO. The phenomenon is attracting the people and generates hundreds of speculation. Click for enlarge

Nuclear Reactor in Antiquity

Well, before I go into this, let me tell you two facts about this post. One, its not ‘entirely’ my research, I was looking through the internet for Vile Vortices and accidentally happened to stumble upon an article talking of a 2 Billion year old nuclear reactor.  The second fact is, when I started reading […]

Selling in carbon dioxide scam market

Ok, so has anyone else noticed just how many times various versions of the same propaganda photo (below) have been used with global warming stories? I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times. The intent is clearly to mislead us into thinking that CO2 looks like dirty black smoke, when in reality, it is […]

Copa America: Uruguay A not weighed favorite plate and got into the final

Last night was very cold in the stadium Ciudad de la Plata. But it was an exciting game. Argentine fan as I am much more interested in the environment that put the game swollen. Equpos Uruguay was much better. Confirming a job that comes from the 2010 World Cup. Technical players, a lot of grip […]

Do you like full-body tattoos?

Japanese Tattoos Length is usually from mid-thirteenth century, and is thought to be started to cover tattoos convictions, that shaped these people as thieves and murderers, or pointed to persons belonging to the mafia. To cover these tattoos was the only way to make tattoos more about them, that would cover and concealment. On funds […]

The Wealth of British Royalty

Britain’s Royal family is just days away from throwing its most memorable wedding in 30 years. Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton will marry at 11 a.m. on April 29 at Westminster Abbey. Two choirs, one orchestra and two fanfare teams will perform the music at the service, which will be followed by […]