Peninsula Valdes in Argentine Patagonia – Killer whales Season

Killer whales is a beautiful spectacle in the province of Chubut and is already in full swing the first season of the year. In patagonia are 2 seasons of killer whales throughout the year; One between March and April in Punta Norte and the other between October and November in Caleta Valdés.


Peninsula Valdes - Orca Season - Fall 2017

Peninsula Valdes - Orca Season - Fall 2017
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Orcas in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

At this time of year come Orcas in Peninsula Valdez. I had the opportunity to visit Puerto Madryn and the surrounding area, and is a lovely place. The author of this video is Charly. Who knew in the summer. A cameraman and photographer, who is an... Read More

When the pink brush appear in Calafate

Flamingos are very social birds that live in colonies that can number in the thousands, so we know in large lake Africa or America. However, in Calafate colonies can not be counted by thousands but by tens. But the colors stand out against the gray of... Read More

Dolphin Pictures

Beautiful animal, that reminds me of a series, “Flipper,” that way as a kid.
They say they are very intelligent, never had the opportunity to play one. Just see in aquariums.

I think her beauty is to see it appear from the water table of the seas, as an expression of life that lies beneath the vast plain.

The photos were published by Maria Jose C, Google +.

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Image: Red Salmon Spawning

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