Sky Photography

by Tommy Eliassen by Friðþjófur M. by Lomaas Creek by Johan WallPix by Kuutti Heikkilä by Unknown

Incredible images that capture the extraordinary moments of wild nature.

Is wonderful and fascinating nature. These amazing pictures show the animal world as you’ve never seen. Each image reminds us that we share this planet with a multitude of fascinating creatures.

Buenos Aires: spectacular views of Buenos Aires from the air photos

A team of Russian photographers travels the world to show it from an unknown perspective: 360 ° capture shots from helicopters. AirPano is a nonprofit project focused on spherical panoramas bird’s eye view high resolution. AirPano has photographed more than two hundred places of our planet. There are about two thousand panoramic 360 ° on […]

Japan: tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb

Today August 5, 2015 a procession was held in tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Animals in state of shock

This week I encountered with 2 photos of animals in a state of shock. My daughter sent me via Whatsapp another image of an elephant,  and a friend shared  many other by mailing list. The surprise is a reflection of the unexpected. Maybe of thing or events that potentially knows what will happen, but that […]

The Calbuco volcano flares up for the first time in five decades

Now, there are ashes on Buenos Aires (at the top of the atmosphere), and south of my city (Rio Cuarto, at the Center of Argentina)   Photo of Calbuco volcano

The best photographs taken by drones in 2014

Dronestagram is a site where photography enthusiasts drone share and discuss their images. One type of images taken by drones that offers a very different pictures of life taken at street or taken at higher altitudes perspective, says the site manager, Eric Dupin: “Photography of drones is a new photographic language and a new way […]

Mysterious Nature: Photos Trees that look like monsters

If you are a horror movie buff, you’ve certainly noticed the liberal use of trees to set the mood. Halloween is hardly complete without the image of a moon-lit and fog-laden tree. However, some trees have been molded by Mother Nature into specters of their own. Scary, frightening, or downright weird, the trees we’ve amassed […]

Julio de la Fuente an important indigenous anthropologist

Julio de la Fuente (1905-1970) was an important indigenous anthropologist. It developed different themes in his anthropological work, among which we highlight inter-ethnic relations, indigenous education and applied anthropology. His work was produced under the auspices of the National Indigenous Institute, an institution in which he worked most of his life. However, to understand the […]

Photography & Photoshop of Star Wars

The photos belong to Zahir Batin, Malaysia photograph. Are truly ingenious, and surely they will spend a lot of time, both for the scenery shots and retouch photos with Photoshop. Enjoy!