Twitter sells advertising in Argentina

The increasing use of social networks in Argentina forced companies like Twitter and Facebook to set focus in the country and begin, slowly, to take their first steps in a market that until now only shows positive signs. In this context and in order to make the most of their important economic flow of users, […]

Patagonia, Inc.

Comment ID: 7vgfi1yd Name: Carlos Dagorret Affiliation: UNRC.EDU.AR Applicant: Patagonia, Inc. String: PATAGONIA Application ID: 1-1084-78254 Panel/Objection Ground: Limited Public Interest Objection Ground Subject: NO .patagonia Comment Submission Date:21 September 2012 at 18:56:23 UTC Comment: Im not agree with the .patagonia request for a brand TLD. Patagonia is a vast region of South America. This […], Microsoft’s bid for give battle in the social networking market

It’s still in beta. You can log in from Windows Live and through an account associated with Facebook. His forte would be in the videos and videoconferencing. Microsoft does not want to fall behind. Over the weekend, the company decided to present, its new venture to battle hard in the social networking market. The site, which is still in beta. This network is similiar Google Plus, which Facebook.According to reports, the new Microsoft product would aim to capture the dynamic nicheof students. With a more visual interface, (which refers to the social word) emphasizes […]

Android 4.0 ICS Update For Acer Iconia A500 And A100 Officially Confirmed

Acer have officially confirmed the availability of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update package for the Iconia Tab A500 and Iconia Tab A100 tablets. The firmware update will begin to roll out on April 27th. The two slates were launched in April 2011, being among the first tablet models to feature Android 3.0 […]

Instagram: And now?

Facebook, which has around 850 million users, just purchased Instagram, which has 28 million users, for $1 billion, or $36 per user, nearly all of whom are already Facebook users. Instagram is a photo sharing application for the IPhone. Instagram only recently created a version of their software for Android, probably because all of Instagram’s […]


You are an agent of change. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, I just did, and I meant it. Normally we stay away from from politics here at the official WordPress project — having users from all over the globe that span the political spectrum is evidence that we are doing our job and […]

Message from Anonymous Protect IP Act

Dear citizens of the internet, Citizens of free speech, Citizens of the United States, We are Anonymous. Over the past month we have been examining the actions taken by the United States Chamber. We have paid close attention to one new bill in particular, the Protect IP act. This bill would allow the United States […]

PayPal Freezes Diaspora* Account, Disrupts Fundraising Efforts

Diaspora* the open source social network that arose out of privacy issues associated with Facebook last year, recently reached out to the community for donations to sustain the network, which was all well and good until PayPal shutdown their account. “We’re sorry to say that PayPal has frozen our account, so we’re currently unable to […]

Women are most addicted to Facebook

Its known that women are more social than men and here is a new study just to prove it. The study, commissioned by Rebtel, looked at the online habits of a group of 2,361 U.S. adults. For those internet users who chose to communicate with family, friends and work colleagues other than in-person, women led […]

The 10 most famous women on twitter, @Playbloy according

Social networks are hot. Facebook and Twitter have become an Internet phenomenon, the latter being the most famous was the last time five years of its existence, and has achieved great popularity in various media which have become large Twitter microblogging users. The Playboy magazine , famous for his “bunnies at the Playboy Mansion,” had […]