Web Browsing Secure with Firefox

Web-spying technologies like FaceNiff, Firesheep and Newstweek are out there showing the world just how easy it is to see what you’re doing online, but they’re amateurish in comparison to what real hackers could do to you if they catch you browsing unsecured websites. Luckily, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Tor Project have just launched an official 1.0 version of their HTTPS Everywhere extension for the Firefox […]

Mozilla fixes ten critical vulnerabilities in Firefox 6

Mozilla has patched vulnerabilities deemed “critical” and “high risk” in Firefox, several of which could lead to remote code execution by hackers. Fixed Mozilla vulnerabilities related to memory management, heap overflows and unsigned scripts into Firefox 6 – published August 17. The latest version has been released only two months after Firefox 5, with 1,300 […]

Live and free: the final of the Copa America 2011

The final of the Copa America 2011 will air on YouTube. Here is the channel to subscribe. This option is available everywhere on the planet! Everyone without restriction! Channel: youtube.com/copaamericalive   PS: And …, to think: Many YouTube videos are restricted in Latin America. South Africa 2010 World Cup was broadcast over the Internet under subcripciòn […]

Stumbleupon will soon be in Spanish

Recently SU has launched a survey asking for views on some aspects of the launch of Stumbleupon International, including Spanish. According to reports advanced users who live in non-English speaking countries, SU is working on the translation of the interface. But given the nature of SU, not only besides translation but also the way to […]

Historypin, Thousands of old photos Geolocated

      Historypin is another site for the curious, history buffs and those who like to look back and see how it has changed over the years. It uses Google maps to geotag old photographs sent by its users. They already have a large number of photographs that exceed 38000. One of the features […]

How to remove advertisements YouTube videos

Only a few hours ago has been officially launched the Youtube video advertising and has already appeared the first Firefox extension that blocks in the manner of AdBlock Plus for AdSense . This extension TubeStop , which was originally created to prevent auto-play videos from YouTube , and according to its creator also blocks advertising videos . Attributed this to the publicity of the […]

Google Art Project

a still from Google Art Project – Behind the Scenes The Google Art Project was launched at the end of last week.  It works on the same principle at Streetview – except you’re walking the galleries of different museums rather than the streets of specific places. The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and some […]

Google Docs: Now Plays Videos

Google Docs lets you upload any kind of files, but not many of them can be previewed in Google Docs. You can open Microsoft Office documents and presentations, PDF files and some images. Now you can also play videos. Uploaded video files can be up to 1 GB. These are the most common video formats […]

The best and the novelty of Firefox 4

The newer version of Firefox from Mozilla is definitely better than Firefox 3.6 and is definitely worth trying out. Firefox 4 runs on the Gecko 2.0 web platform. Earlier today I downloaded Firefox 4 and put it through some drills, here is a review of Firefox 4 Beta 1 where you can find the new […]

A butterfly effect on social networks

butterfly – by ~dtr777 (devianart) A small girl, a girl. Well known in my community has read a message from Twitter and has caused much fear. The message of less than 100 characters mentioned a mass layoff at a bank where the father works. It was confirmed last night that the news was wrong. The […]