6 most interesting old interviews

Back before the age of 24-hour cable news and stations dedicated entirely to single sports teams, television was a pretty barren medium dominated by the three major networks. At night, families would gather around the tube to watch early TV talk stars like Johnny Carson, Jack Paar, and Ed Sullivan. While those early shows set […]

The technological wave still fails to simple things

I saw this really funny commercial and I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s an ad by Le Trefle, which does not sound familiar to us. For those who don’t know it is a basically French Toilet paper brand. When I saw this I was amazed as well as I was laughing like […]

Night sky above Yosemite

From the U.S. National Park Service and Yosemite Conservancy comes this great short film about the skies above Yosemite NP. The distance to major cities and thus relative absence of light pollution makes for phantastic night skies. Astronomers and (time lapse) photographer and others take advantage of these conditions: For best enjoyment make sure to […]

Each Moment is the Universe

You see what you see.

Duality between city and nature

Timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011. One year in the making. Locations include :  Montreal, Quebec, Canada  Quebec city, Quebec, Canada  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Manhattan, New York, USA  Chicago, Illinois, USA Create by Dominic Plus

Short Film: Broken

Thank you very much to Barryr666 (SU).

As moon was formed

This video shows some of the theories of how the Moon was created. As I explained in school if it was an impact of a “celestial body” on the ground. Not really think it was as big as shown in the video. But this video is really fantastic. Very well done and fabulous music.

One afternoon skating on the mountains of Madrid

Video with the girls of “Girls Longboard Crew” facebook.com / longboardgc music: Pascal Comelade – Rue Des Soeurs Noires The Decemberists – Rox In The Box

I Believe I can – film

As my grandfather: Freedom is not a sense of human animals. To be free is to be a good human being   I leave the video … and I think better to wait for the 11-11-11 11:11 to see the full version. Enjoy and schedule from www.sebmontaz.com.

Landscapes – The wonders of the earth in Video

This video shared it via Google + Susan Cooper. The creator is Dustin Farrell, words abound.