South Africa: hunters killed more than 40 rhinos this year

The poaching last year set a new record with 1,215 animals killed for their horns. Poachers killed 41 rhinos in South Africa so far this year to get their horns, officials of the South African National Parks. The horns – composed only of keratina- are sold for a fortune on the black market because of […]

Scotland: Yes or No – Update

Some 4.3 million residents in Scotland vote in the referendum whether Scotland should be an independent country of the United Kingdom. Scotland meets today decide whether the dream of William Wallace and ends with a union of over 300 years in the UK, in a referendum that polls looks very tied and which weighed undecided. […]

The 2014 World Cup is big business

States should promote the sport as a way for individuals to practice a physical activity to improve or maintain their health. It is also a recreation of social ties, where values ​​are transmitted; where bonds of friendship and fellowship regenerate. Sport also shows teamwork, based on simple rules, people competing for the mere fact of […]


Transparency International recently published their latest annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), laid out in an eye-catching map of the world with the least corrupt nations coded in happy yellow and the most corrupt nations smeared in stigmatising red. The CPI defines corruption as “the misuse of public power for private benefit,” and draws its data […]

Spies and watchmen

A new publication by Wikileaks shows how new technologies massive spying all possible barriers violate the right to privacy. It is the publication of 200 documents about eighty private industry companies espionage and show that the new technologies allow real time spy communications of millions of people. Hidden Programs (or “passive”, in the jargon) that […]

Latin America and Venezuela pained by the death of Chavez

A I did not like my politics and form of government of Chavez. But many people I know and do not know who admired and trusted him. And my greatest feeling is about these people (wrong or not, I do not care) I see as suffering from the loss of their leader. I see on […]

Erases all of Pope tweets.

Benedict XVI Pope longer yesterday, after announcing his resignation 17 days ago. Well, with the vacancy, the account @ Pontifex had been the digital presence of the pontiff was “vacant”. Although it was said that the account would be closed instead chose the Vatican delete all messages sent by the Pope and change the name […]

Christmas in Argentina: Politic tension

Throughout the day there was looting in cities across the country. There was also looting trucks carrying goods. Two dead as a result of the looting supermarkets in the city of Rosario. Pictures can remind us to 2001. But in my opinion this is organized, at least at first. The facts of the city of […]

Miss USA 2012

Miss USA, Olivia Culpo when it receives the crown of Miss Universe in Las Vegas.

Street protests in 2012

SOPA, Pussy Riot, NATO, GMO, etc.. Words that mean: Claims. All over the world many people came out to protest. This year, 2012, was very busy … it is time that the authorities take note.