Scotland: Yes or No – Update

Some 4.3 million residents in Scotland vote in the referendum whether Scotland should be an independent country of the United Kingdom. Scotland meets today decide whether the dream of William Wallace and ends with a union of over 300 years in the UK, in a referendum that polls looks very tied and which weighed undecided. […]

The 2014 World Cup is big business

States should promote the sport as a way for individuals to practice a physical activity to improve or maintain their health. It is also a recreation of social ties, where values ​​are transmitted; where bonds of friendship and fellowship regenerate. Sport also shows teamwork, based on simple rules, people competing for the mere fact of […]

Spies and watchmen

A new publication by Wikileaks shows how new technologies massive spying all possible barriers violate the right to privacy. It is the publication of 200 documents about eighty private industry companies espionage and show that the new technologies allow real time spy communications of millions of people. Hidden Programs (or “passive”, in the jargon) that […]

Christmas in Argentina: Politic tension

Throughout the day there was looting in cities across the country. There was also looting trucks carrying goods. Two dead as a result of the looting supermarkets in the city of Rosario. Pictures can remind us to 2001. But in my opinion this is organized, at least at first. The facts of the city of […]

The outlook for China in 2013 is mild, but with a chance of showers

Big Red has been an economic powerhouse for decades, especially when it comes to cheap manufacturing and the seemingly endless supply of investment cash it has on hand. But there are some troubles ahead for China as the working class is growing tired of poor working conditions, low pay and a heavy-handed government. It is […]